Is there a difference between a jacket and a coat? Well, yes there is, despite some using these terms interchangeably. 

Quite simply, coats are heavier and come down to the hip or longer, while jackets are generally lighter and stop at hip length. However, there are plenty of variants that ride the line between coat and jacket. Consider styles such as the denim, bomber and biker jacket and where they fall. While lengths are different for men and women’s outerwear, they generally hit around or just below the waist. Coats on the other hand, such as puffer, trench, duster or a pea coat fall much lower and anywhere from mid-thigh to well below the knee. This allows them to function as heavier-duty pieces of outerwear.

My 6 top jacket and coat picks for winter…

  1. Bomber puffer jacket
  2. Wrap puffer jacket
  3. Quilted utility jacket
  4. Long line teddy coat
  5. Long line puffer coat
  6. Boucle coat


Styling tips…

  1. Always end your jackets above or below your widest points to avoid looking wider i.e hips, thighs and calves. 
  2. A coat designed with princess seams will create the illusion of a lovely waist. 
  3. Cropped jackets are ideal with a dress as they create proportional balance.
  4. Wear dark tops and bottoms under a light coloured jacket/coat to make a tummy disappear and to elongate your legs and torso.
  5.  If you have a slim waist and long torso, cropped jackets will highlight your waist.
  6.  Avoid jackets with breast pockets if you’re large busted – this will visually add weight. 

This winter I was in need of a new coat as my beloved current one was thrashed and tired. To be honest I was a little nervous to start looking for one – as a stylist I always have a very clear vision of what I want in any garment long before investing. Not compromising and settling is the key to having an amazing, workable and efficient wardrobe that you’ll love.

This is the list of features I had in mind for the new coat I found successfully just before winter set in.

  1. A warm light neutral for colour versatility – I found wheat germ.
  2. Beautifully lined in anything but black – I found chocky brown.   
  3. One with a wool blend for just enough warmth.
  4. Single or double breasted but with some shape to avoid looking boxy.
  5. Minimal and simple design elements for a classic timeless appeal. 
  6. Brown buttons for high contrast and to match my hair colour.
  7. Nice small lapels to avoid swamping me along with the correct sleeve length.
  8. One that sits above the knee for perfect vertical proportions.
  9. One I can wear successfully for business, casual and evening.


As seen in The Herald Weekender & Adelaide East Herald

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