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The Most Advanced Colour System For Personal Colour Analysis
Individual Colour Analysis And Makeup Application $387 (3 hours) Includes the foundation colour that is correct for your skin colour (value $38)
Group Colour Analysis And Makeup Application
X2 people $280 each (save $97) 4 hours

X3 people $255 each (save $122) 4.5 hours

X4 people $240 each (save $137) 5 hours

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Services & Investment 

Style Profile (3 hours) $347

Wardrobe Overhaul up to 3 hours $347 & $40 per half hour thereafter

Shopping Trip (includes my pre-shop beforehand) up to 3 hours $387 & $40 per half hour thereafter.

Post-shopping wardrobe Mix & Match session with new clothes – includes taking photos of each of your outfit combo’s, up to 2 hours & $40 per half an hour thereafter $197.

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Style Profile:

In this session, we will discover your true personal style along with all your physical dimensions. Your style profile will help you to apply the right clothes and accessories for your personality, lifestyle, proportions, body shape, type and scale. You will learn where your hemlines should end and what fabrics are best for you. What jewellery and shoe shape suit you. What hairstyles and accessories are right for your face shape and much more! Your style profile comprises 60-65 pages of notes for you to take home on the day. I offer a thorough follow up consult after this session.

Style Profile 3 hours $347

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Wardrobe Overhaul (Colour & Style Part 2)

This is the ‘halfway mark’ of your style journey with me. Consider this ‘colour & style magnified’. Together we’ll go right through your wardrobe to establish all those items that need to stay, go or be mixed and matched effectively. You will see your colour & style profile come to life – things will finally make sense as to what you’ve done right & wrong in your wardrobe. And if needed, during this session we’ll put together a strategic list of items that will complete your wardrobe. Some people find they really do have enough clothes, but just need to utilise them better together, which in the long run saves money…

Here is some insight as to what you will learn in your wardrobe overhaul.

1. You get to know yourself really well, yes, through your wardrobe – your personality style is revealed!!
2. If you’ve had my colour & style package you get to see these two services come alive & how easy it is to keep or move items on – booking me is an investment!
3. You get a really good idea of what you’re currently doing/buying & see where some changes may be needed – this saves hard earned money not to mention time!
4. Together we find those items you may have forgotten about, ignored, can’t see or fallen out of love with – we get them to ‘work’ again – great for sustainability.

Wardrobe Overhaul up to 3 hours $347 & $40 per half hour thereafter.

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Shopping Trip 

After l complete an extensive pre-shop to source the correct clothes for you, together we’ll take our shopping list and colour swatch to the appropriate shopping centre and stores. Here we’ll purchase the perfect and necessary items to complete your wardrobe while keeping to your specific budget.

Shopping Trip (includes my pre-shop beforehand) up to 3 hours $387 & $40 per half hour thereafter.  

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Teen Package (colour, makeup, style & etiquette)

The teen session includes a colour analysis and your personalized colour swatch of 50 colours/neutrals and your signature colours. You also receive your virtual colour swatch this way you have your correct colour palette on your phone and with you all time. This session also includes a basic makeup component. Learn & see what the correct colour makeup will do to enhance your natural beauty even more. There’s also the option to purchase the correct coloured makeup if you would like.

The style profile part of the session covers your personality style, body shape, proportions (where to end garments) body type, (fabric choices) balance points, (where to end a necklace & necklines) tips on correctly fitting clothes and the illusion of dressing to look your best according to your physical dimensions.

Etiquette tips and facts for confidence and empowering a young woman to carry herself well! Together we’ll go through how to correctly shake someone’s hand, the importance of good eye contact, posture and projection of your voice. This will assist in the preparation for a school formal or graduation, first job interview, starting a first job, job promotions and public speaking!

A complimentary & optional professional bra fitting is offered to all teen girls at the session.

This package is perfect for school holidays, makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas present or to prepare for a significant milestone in a young woman’s life.

Teen colour analysis, style profile & etiquette package – 2.5-3 hours $275  

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From A Gorgeous Young Client Who Came For My Teen Package – Thanks Alyce!!

”There is no doubt that Lizzy is the best Personal Stylist there is! Initially, I had booked my teenage colour/style and etiquette package and was unsure what it was going to be like. However, Lizzy’s expertise and knowledge helped me to decide to book her for my formal dress shop and she didn’t disappoint. Lizzy built confidence in me as a young woman to be able to shop with my perfectly selected colour palette, with styles suiting my body shape and lifestyle. Knowing my “Exotic” colours and the types of clothing which I should be wearing makes shopping so much more cost-effective.

I highly recommend Lizzy for expert advice, as well as value for money and time. Lizzy is up with all clothing trends, no matter what age you are. My experience with Lizzy was enjoyable and fun, making me feel comfortable and confident in myself and my clothing. Thank you, Lizzy” 🤍








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