The Most Advanced Colour System for Personal Colour Analysis




I use the most advanced scientifically based colour analysis system in the world called ‘The Absolute Colour System’. I was trained and mentored back in 2010 by the amazing Imogen Lamport to become a highly trained colour consultant.

The Absolute Colour System comprises eighteen different colour palettes – nine warm and nine cool. You’ll see the most advanced colour system reveal your correct colour palette & direction. Your personalized colour swatch also comprises your most flattering colours, signature colours, and light and dark neutrals.

In this session, you’ll learn how to use your swatch of 50 colours & neutrals correctly and effectively. You’ll also gain an understanding of your best and exciting colour schemes, value & colour contrast.

This service includes lots of take-home colour notes and useful information you can apply for years to come.
Your personalized colour swatch allows you to make the correct colour choices for your clothes, accessories, makeup, hair colour, nail polish and even the colours for your home.
You also receive your virtual swatch to have on your phone for extra assistance and tips when shopping.
The correct colour makeup for your skin undertone and natural colouring is just as important as wearing the right coloured clothes. Makeup application is included at no extra cost in the colour session but with the option to purchase makeup items.
We can also look at your hair colour with hair colour samples to make sure it matches your skin undertone (warm or cool) and is best for your natural colouring or needs changing.
You will be offered a thorough follow up consult after this session.
Individual Colour Analysis & makeup session $437 – includes a complimentary foundation to match your skin colour (value $38
Group Colour Analysis Sessions
X2 people $295 each (save $142)
X3 people $265 each (save $172)
X4 people $250 each (save $187)

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What We Cover in a Colour Analysis Consultation
✔️Colour flag draping to determine skin undertone and your correct colour direction/palette.

✔️You will be shown your best neutrals which are the basis of your wardrobe and investment colours.


✔️You receive your personalized colour swatch of 50 colours & neutrals to shop for all your clothes, accessories, makeup & hair colour. You also receive your virtual colour swatch to have on your phone as an extra colour tool when shopping.

✔️We go right through your colour swatch and mark your ‘signature’ and best colours for your hair, eyes, eyebrows, and skin undertone/colour.
✔️You will learn how to utilize your swatch to make it easier when shopping and how to avoid buying the incorrect coloured clothes.
✔️You will learn what the best colour schemes are for your particular colouring and also your value & colour contrast levels.

✔️We look at the correct coloured makeup from my makeup range for your particular colouring. You have the option to try the makeup on and purchase it if you like.


✔️Hair colouring advice is offered using my hair colour chart to make sure your current hair colour suits your natural colouring.


✔️In the full individual colour session you will be provided with 20 pages of comprehensive notes and tips on your colours and how to wear them for the best effect.

✔️Notes include best metals, eyewear and hair colour, signature and investment pieces, contrast levels, combining colours, psychology of colour, how to look taller and slimmer using colour, personality and communicating with colour & how to use your colour swatch.
✔️For small group colour sessions 6 pages of notes are provided with the most important and relevant colour advice and tips.

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