Very Peri From Pantone Colour Institute 2022

Pantone’s 2022 ‘colour of the year’ is the beautiful ‘Very Peri’ - if you’re a fan of purple you’ll be in your element! This is how Pantone (the world colour institute and authority on colour) describe their beloved Very Peri. Firstly, they explain the effect Very...

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New Year New Wardrobe Part 2

Last post we discussed assessing and sorting our wardrobes to start off 2022. I included six questions to consider about your current wardrobe. These will have hopefully given you some clarity and made it easier to begin the wardrobe overhaul process. 1. Do you need a...

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New Year – New Wardrobe!

A clients wardrobe before & after!! Have you made any New Year's resolutions? I like to make a list of all the things I want to achieve for the new year while relaxing during some time off. I also love reflecting on all that I’ve achieved in the previous year....

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Stylish Dressing Through Layering – For The Gent

  I love the outfit on this gorgeous stylish young man - guys, this is how to layer to look classy!! 1. Make sure your garment fabrication gets thicker as you apply more items in the layering process. 2. The lapels need to get wider as you apply more garments i.e...

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Men’s Trends S/S 2021

New S/S trends for men are still hitting the stores in ‘bucket loads’! Lots of exciting new ‘looks’ and so much to reflect the different personality styles - classic, relaxed, creative, dramatic & rebellious! Gents, this is the first and most important step to...

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Spring Trends 2021

Goodbye freezing winter - spring is finally here! I love spring for many reasons - the anticipation of warmer days, a freshness in the air and longer days ahead. The spring trends will inspire you to revitalise your wardrobe all over again. Look out for lighter...

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Coats & Jackets A/W 2021

Is there a difference between a jacket and a coat? Well, yes there is, despite some using these terms interchangeably.  Quite simply, coats are heavier and come down to the hip or longer, while jackets are generally lighter and stop at hip length. However, there are...

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Winter Woollies 2021

  This winter will see an amazing selection of beautiful winter woollies. I’ve been so tempted to buy more than a few while out shopping for clients - I think this season in particular, is exceptional for jumpers and cardi’s. Expect to feel as ‘snug as a bug’ in...

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Autumn Trends 2021

  Wow, where did summer go - it’s flown by and here we are in autumn already. I’m hoping for a warm March to gain extra mileage from the summer clothes I still adore! Think back to winter/spring 2020 amid the pandemic and what we were reaching for every day....

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Walking In Style

Whether we’re aware of it or not our shoes communicate and speak volumes about who we are. What do your shoes say about you? What do your shoes say about your outfits? Does your shoe wardrobe suit all aspects of your clothing attire? Are you buying shoes to suit your...

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