Last post we discussed assessing and sorting our wardrobes to start off 2022. I included six questions to consider about your current wardrobe. These will have hopefully given you some clarity and made it easier to begin the wardrobe overhaul process.

1. Do you need a fresh new vision for what you want your wardrobe to look like in 2022?

2. Is your job/career/business requiring you to upgrade your professional image this year?

3. Are your garments reflecting your current personal/social life?

 4. Do you need/want to dress better than you did in 2021?

 5. Do your clothes represent and reflect the best possible version of you – both personal and      professional?

 6. Does your wardrobe need a little or large overhaul and update?

And my four additional questions to ask yourself during your wardrobe overhaul and before you hang and place any items back in your wardrobe and drawers.  

1. Does the garment fit you physically for how you are now?

2. Does the item really suit you as a person, and reflect where you are right now in life?

3. Do you wear the item often & get great cost per wear from it?

4. Do you really love the clothing piece – is it an 8/10?

The above is a lot of work but so worth the time and energy and can save you money as well. You’ll see clearly what you own and that ‘less really is more’. 

The Cohesive Capsule Wardrobe – Think Capsule Collections

I love the ‘capsule wardrobe’ concept and have been working with clients to achieve this for many years now. This is something you can work on once you’ve finished the overhaul process. 

A capsule wardrobe is not 30-40 items in a wardrobe that somehow and hopefully all go together but really don’t. Rather, it’s a small selection of about 12 -15 items that work perfectly together offering multiple outfit choices.

Most of us will need a variety of capsule wardrobes to reflect the different aspects of our life, such as, work/business, weekend, evening, sport, smart casual, holiday, travel, pregnancy and a busy mum capsule. 

Start with 1 neutral and 1 coloured jacket, cardi or blazer from your wardrobe as this is what you’ll build your capsule around. The following items are the pieces you’ll need in order to create a basic capsule wardrobe…

X2 blazer, cardigan or jacket

X4 jeans/pants/skirts

X6 tops/tees/singlets/shirts

The key to an effective capsule is …

  1. The jacket must fit and look great over every top or shirt
  2. The jacket must suit all of the pants/skirts/trousers
  3. Every top or shirt must suit and look great with the lower body garments without the jacket

In total 72 outfits can be created from just these 12 items. And for each additional top added you gain another 12 outfit options, say a red singlet and a white tee. But it gets even better when you bring in a new jacket, cardigan or blazer as you then create another 24 outfit options.

The other great thing about ‘capsules’ is that you can gradually replace and add to them as your garments date and wear out. You can also overlap the items from one season to another and from outfit to outfit. 

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