I love the outfit on this gorgeous stylish young man – guys, this is how to layer to look classy!!

1. Make sure your garment fabrication gets thicker as you apply more items in the layering process.

2. The lapels need to get wider as you apply more garments i.e shirt, blazer & overcoat.

3. The outfit looks more appealing when the garment textures differ from one another.

How to layer three print/pattern garments…

A. Patterns & prints can be worn at the same time, however, they need to differ in size/scale & be sparse & dense.
B. Notice the lovely shirt is a dense all-over floral pattern.
C. The check print blazer (& trousers) worn over the shirt is sparse & low contrast avoiding any busyness between the two garments. But the colours of the blazer & shirt relate perfectly blending the two garments together offering great colour balance.
D. And the window-pane pattern overcoat is the most sparse & largest pattern of the three garments, allowing it to be added successfully. It also completes the colour harmony between all three items.
E. The coat is overall deep like the model which matches is his ‘ideal value’, in other words, he looks best predominantly in deep colours & neutrals.

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