New S/S trends for men are still hitting the stores in ‘bucket loads’! Lots of exciting new ‘looks’ and so much to reflect the different personality styles – classic, relaxed, creative, dramatic & rebellious! Gents, this is the first and most important step to having the right garments in your wardrobe, and a wardrobe full of clothes you’ll love and will live in for the whole season.

Look out for the Saharan look which is similar to the safari trend, the sailor shirt, daytime pj’s, oversized suiting, couture trackie pants, cargo’s, minimalist dressing, neon prints and sliders.

Cargo’s for men are back in a big way this season, however, they’ve moved up a few notches in refinement. You’ll find them perfect for dressing up and going out – daggy cargo’s are gone! Think ‘relaxed personality’ – cargo’s are a comfy cooler alternative to jeans and track pants while looking on-trend and stylish.

A minimalism appeal is popular this season for the men who love to tone it down in terms of colour, detail and attracting attention. Achromatic timeless ensembles of tee’s, shirts, pants and jackets scream the ‘classic personality’. If that’s a little too low key add a touch of drama by bringing up the contrast with light and dark together.

Neon prints are here, really ‘out there’ but on the right guy, well, think ‘creative personality’! Creatives everywhere will love the neon’s and the prints that come with them. These are fun, bright and quirky and will definitely liven up the room. They’ll look fab on a dude with bright natural colouring but there is always the option to pull this off in small amounts if you’re more on the introverted side.

The nautical look has also made a comeback – this trend can reflect a lovely twist of vintage style. Stripes never date and they’re also considered a solid, (solid colour) hence, you can wear stripes with pretty much any print, pattern or more stripes – just note that the colour schemes are very close between the stripes and pattern. Stripes are always classic and never date so these will suit all the personality styles. Mix and match with all the lower body trends this season such as cargo’s pants and shorts, couture trackies and wide leg trousers.

Men’s sliders. This on-trend warm weather accessory is huge & not just for the older fellas. Cool, comfy and practical these babies go with everything, just not professional office wear. A neutral colour such as; black, navy, white, grey or brown easily blends in with your casual wear. There’s also plenty of coloured sliders on offer in the stores right now. Step outside your comfort zone by adding a pop of colour into your neutral coloured weekend wear.

As seen in The Herald Weekender

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