A clients wardrobe before & after!!

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? I like to make a list of all the things I want to achieve for the new year while relaxing during some time off. I also love reflecting on all that I’ve achieved in the previous year.

People often relocate and re-establish themselves this time of the year, not to mention job and career change. It’s the perfect time to sort your wardrobe and make sure it suits and supports you throughout the new year.

Six great questions to ask when looking in your wardrobe this January.

  1. Do you need a fresh new vision for what you want your wardrobe to look like in 2022?

      2. Is your job/career/business requiring you to upgrade your professional image this year?

      3. Are your garments reflecting your current personal/social life?

      4. Do you need/want to dress better than you did in 2021?

      5. Do your clothes represent and reflect the best possible version of you – both personal and professional?

      6. Does your wardrobe need a little or large overhaul and update?

Put aside a few hours on a day you have lots of energy and start at one end of your wardrobe. You may decide that starting with just dresses and skirts is enough for that day and the following day tackle jeans and trousers. Tops, shirts and jackets can be sorted on another day or even another week. Now bring out small clusters of clothing and place them on your bed. You’ll need a long length mirror and if you don’t own one now is a good time to invest in one for the future. Try on each garment in good quality lighting so you can make careful but critical decisions about each. 

Ask yourself these 4 questions before you place it back in your wardrobe.

  1. Does the garment fit you physically for how you are now?
  1. Does the item really suit you as a person, and reflect where you are right now in life?
  1. Do you wear the item often & get great cost per wear from it?
  1. Do you really love the clothing piece – is it an 8/10?

If no to any or all of the above, move or consider seriously moving that clothing piece on – if yes to all then it’s a keeper!

If possible, work on hanging the majority of your clothes in the wardrobe – it’s much more efficient when you can see your clothes hanging rather than folded in draws. Hanging your clothes in style order is the key to seeing exactly what you own, and super handy if you need to get dressed in a hurry. (shirts with shirts, dresses with dresses etc) 

It also makes it easier to mix and match and pair up outfits as you’ll often discover even more options.

With that said, hang the clothes you reach for often in easy access or in your wardrobe ‘hot-spot’. This may be tops and skirts next to each other or trousers hung next to shirts. 

Evening attire for example, may be placed in an area of your wardrobe you least go to. This will also inspire you to utilize your garments more frequently.

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