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Prints and Patterns…

When I open my wardrobe I see lots of prints and patterns. This brings a smile to my face as I see the multitude of options before me that reflect who I am. While essential for me it’s certainly more exciting than a wardrobe full of solid colours. But like many of my clients, there are those that only love solid colours, and that’s great to. Prints and patterns can give a wardrobe the zing it may be lacking, and even if it consists of only 10-15% that’s a great start. What do you see when you open your wardrobe? 

So what are prints and patterns? A print is a design or image that is printed onto a fabric, while a pattern is a design or image that can either be woven or printed into a fabric. Therefore, all patterns are prints but prints are not patterns.

For example, an animal print or floral are prints and not patterns. On the other hand geometric and plaid patterns are patterns that have been woven into the fabric, but can also be a print if they’re printed onto a fabric. Patterns tend to have an underlining mathematical structure, and in fashion a pattern is a template used to create any number of similar garments.

LPFloral DressPlaid

See the huge list of prints and patterns that are available for the clothing and fashion industry.

Geometric – Shapes made from geometry like wallpaper

Linear/Lineal – Straight lines

Florals – Flowers


Abstract – Images of objects distorted from how they look in reality

Animal – Leopard, tiger, cheetah, cow, pony, giraffe and snake

Ethnic/Tribal – Art that originates from specific regions, ethnic or tribal groups

Motif – clearly repeated designs, think shoes, leaves, elephants, butterflies etc

Graphic – Images generated on a computer 

Spots and dots – Small, medium and large

Stripes – Horizontal, vertical and diagonal

Plaids – Glen plaid, tartan, windowpane check, madras check and gingham 




So what do prints and patterns say, and what do we wear according to our personalities? 
1. Fine stripes or small polka dots are conventional, conservative, mature, reliable, trustworthy, safe and secure. This would suit the classic personality. 

2. Stripes and checks are down-to-earth, natural, unpretentious, easy-going and approachable. This would suit the relaxed personality.

3. Big bold patterns, large scale, animal print and high contrast are dynamic, forceful, confident and exciting. This suits the dramatic personality.

4. Geometric and stylised are urbane, cultured, poised, discerning and refined. This suits the elegant chic personality.

5. Graphics, sayings and leopard are anti-establishment, unconventional, sexy, shocking and defiant. This suits the rebellious personality.

6. Digital prints, wearable art, tie-dye, ethnic and abstract are innovative, individual, edgy, whimsical, bohemian and eclectic. This suits the creative personality.

7. Nature based, floral, butterflies and paisley are caring, nurturing, gentle and romantic. These suit the feminine personality. 

PlaidFloral DressLP

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