A job interview is one of the most important events a person will attend. Very often we’re only ever given one chance to make an excellent impression on the interviewer. This is where we need to make a big effort, and make the most of our outward appearance.

Industries can differ in terms of their dress code, therefore it pays to do your research! You could phone the HR department to find out, look closely at their website, and even better if you know someone that works for the company. It is however, always wise to go to an interview dresses a little more conservatively. It’s also a compliment to the person/s interviewing you if you look well dressed.

Keep in mind 55% of a judgement made about you is based on your outward and personal presentation, such as: clothes, hair, makeup, accessories and your body language. A judgement made about you is also based on your voice, tone, pitch, accent and vocabulary – this accounts for 38%. And only 7% is based on what you actually say! That’s a whopping 93%  non verbal messages a person perceives and receives about us before we even talk. 

Your grooming is just as important as your clothes. Attention to fine detail needs to be considered, such as: clean ironed clothes, polished shoes, clean hair and fingernails, fresh breath, and an appropriate amount of make up, perfume or aftershave. When we appear professional, credible, capable and approachable, we create the correct image that says we’re right for the job!

Hair should be clean, neat and in a style that is appropriate and one that suits your face and personality. If you need to get a trim (and for the girls a blow wave) do so just before the interview – this could make all the difference to your overall appearance.

Be careful to apply only a subtle amount of perfume or after shave, and if any at all. I once heard that if the interviewer is reminded by your scent of someone that they’re not on good terms with any more – it may just put them off you! A good deodorant is really all you need.

Keep in mind we’re treated how we’re perceived, therefore if the interviewer perceives you to value yourself, they will assume you’re most likely to value their company, and most importantly the job you want! Use your personal presentation and image as your very own branding, this should set you apart from others.

For women make up should be applied lightly as it shows you care about those finer details. Studies have shown that women who wear a small amount of make up earn more than women who wear no make up at all, or heavy amounts of make up. Like it or not it’s also been proven that women are taken more serious when they wear light amounts of make up.

Keep jewellery subtle also, and preferably classic in it’s style, for example pearl earrings, a small chain necklace, and a simple watch. Large accessories can become a too much of a focal point, and loud clanging jewellery will be very distracting


 Interview clothing men and women


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