The Statement Belt…


This post we’re back to discussing belts as we are seeing many different types and styles for winter.

Let’s touch on the statement, skinny and wide belt, all of which will come and go over the seasons. Remember, personal style is just ‘that’, style that is uniquely personal! This is where the belt you choose to put on resonates with who you are as a person – doing so allows you to wear it with confidence.

A statement belt is a great way to reveal your personality, have fun and give your outfit more ‘zing’ or the ‘wow’ factor it needs to look complete.

Think sparkle for more glam, animal print for drama, studs for the rock look, pastel coloured belts for a feminine appeal or a quirky style one for the creative individual.

The Skinny Belt…


The skinny belt is great for adding a small subtle accessory to your outfit and is probably the easiest belt for everyone to work with. This particular size belt is more understated rather than being the main focus – should this be your goal. If not, play with bright coloured, patterned or detailed belts to create a focal point that makes it a tad more obvious. Business pants, skirts and dresses with very narrow belt loops suit the skinny belt perfectly and will complete the classic corporate look.

While most people can don the skinny belt successfully, given it’s very small size it could however, look almost insignificant on a very tall larger scale individual – particularly worn in a different colour to the garment it sits over. Likewise, if worn over or with oversized garments it could get a little lost making a larger belt more suitable.

In terms of proportions the skinny belt is able to sit and fit around the natural waist of the wearer without cluttering the mid section, particularly when that proportion is very short. Sometimes this is the best and only option for this individual.

The Wide Belt…


Wide belts can be seen as another ‘on trend’ statement belt; from an Obi to add a little oriental flavour to the sexy corset style or a classic wide sash belt.

A wide belt is perfect for creating and emphasizing an amazing hourglass shape, and works wonders for those in particular with a defined waist and longer torso. For those with an undefined waist such as the ‘H’, ‘O’ and ‘V’ shapes it can be a little more difficult to wear a belt, and in particular a wide one. Try belting a wider one with garments that are more fluid and voluminous but not chunky – like chiffon. The fabric will appear larger and sit wider than the belt placed around the natural waist as the fabric blouses over giving the illusion of a defined waist. If you love this idea perhaps try a medium-large belt instead to allow the room it needs to sit better. This is also a great tip if you own a bigger bust as a wide belt ends up sitting too close to the bust further pronouncing it’s size.

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