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Going For A Job Interview Part 2

For the ladies, wearing a well fitting suit to an interview is the general rule of thumb. If the company is very conservative a skirt will look more professional as opposed to pants. Your skirt needs to be comfortable and suit your shape. It should sit no higher than your knee covering your thighs when sitting. A skirt will rise 4-5 cm when seated, so be sure to check this in the mirror before the interview. Ladies, only small amounts of flesh should be on show for a modest and serious impression. If the job reflects a more relaxed environment, suit trousers will be more than appropriate.

It’s best to wear hosiery in the winter if wearing a skirt. A plain neutral to match your skin colour will look the most natural. By all means match your hosiery colour to your hem line and to your shoe colour also.

14A closed toe shoe such as a pump is standard in business, and is the same for a job interview. They look more conservative and professional, therefore will complete your outfit appropriately. A nude colour shoe will look polished, as will one that matches your hem line colour.

Your handbag should match the levels of refinement to your outfit also. A classic style bag that is mostly angular in it’s shape will complement the overall appeal of your business attire. Be sure to match your bag to you scale (bone structure) A huge bag on a petite woman will overwhelm her, and like-wise too small a bag will look insignificant and unbalanced.

Job Interview Colour Tips For Both Men & Women

FEEAC6A5Contrast between your suit and shirt colour allows for some visual impact, and will give an authoritative message. Wear a white shirt if you’re cool in your colouring, and cream if you’re warm colouring. Off white is a universal light neutral, and therefore one we can all wear – opt for this if you’re unsure. A pattern shirt is fine for an interview, however not floral – this is seen as too soft and not serious enough.

Your suit colours need to be dark neutrals, these convey expertise and some authority. Preferably not black as this places you at the same level of authority as those interviewing you – this could be very intimidating!

Opt for deep grey suit attire – it’s safe, but will still have you looking serious! Grey is a calm neutral, yet both classy and timeless. Because we don’t notice neutrals the same as we notice colour, your suit can therefore be worn over and over achieving great cost per wear. Great news for those on a tight budget!



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