What would discovering or knowing your ‘style recipe’ mean? In a way it speaks for itself – it’s knowing all the ingredients that are mixed together to reflect your unique and genuine style through what you’d wear on any given day. As a image and style consultant I’ve now worked with hundreds of women over many years. Once their personality style is really identified they tend to shop and utilize clothes and outfits more successfully. There are significant steps anyone can take to establish their style recipe and what that might represent.

Firstly,write down a big bunch of words that genuinely describe you and your personality traits. Now go through them again and focus on 3-6 of these words you believe nail who you truly are. They may be words such as – fun, outgoing, sporty, down-to-earth and casual. Cargo pants, drop crotch trousers and a bright orange jumper may be the types of items that make you happy. The words seem to match the garment choices perfectly and this would be why you reach for those drop crotch pants over and over.

This helps when you’re ready to update, replace or buy something similar as you’ll more than likely make another great investment when you hit the shops. Your ‘style recipe’ (words) help you to reassess a possible purchase as you’ll be looking for that true reflection of yourself in the garment you’re considering. This also helps you to resist any pressure from pushy sales staff or make unnecessary emotional decisions.


Always try the clothing or accessory on in front of the mirror before purchasing – it may not be the same on as it appears on the hanger or mannequin. Until it’s actually on you and you’re moving around in it, it’s harder to make a properly informed and qualified decision. Trying potentially new clothes on will also help you to visually see what it may or may not ‘go with’ back in your wardrobe. If the garment or accessory is not lining up or matching your style recipe (words) you’ll hesitate, feel uncomfortable, not express who you are completely and probably not hold the same level of confidence.

One more suggestion would be to gather some pictures or images of what resonates with your heart. This could be a clothing item, a beloved accessories, a colour that makes you smile, a favourite actor or athlete.
When you study all of the images you collect you can begin to build or maintain your wardrobe based closely on this. This will help you to stay true to your personality and style recipe and enjoy your clothes and outfits even more.

As seen in The Herald Weekender Newspaper fortnightly  http://adelaidehills.realviewtechnologies.com/

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