When I see the colour orange, I think fresh, fun and vibrant, which is why I love to wear it.

Orange is a secondary colour and second to be seen in the colour spectrum or rainbow. Orange is the combination of both yellow and red. Calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow makes it less intense than red.

Orange is a friendly colour that attracts attention, making it ideal for social interactions. Softer versions of orange, for example peach and apricot, are less flamboyant and tend to be more soothing.

Orange is the one colour that’s only ever warm and not cool in its undertone. If you happen to be warm in your colouring, the choices of various shades are endless. If you’re cool in your colouring your version of orange is the pink tones.

Orange looks great when worn with its complimentary colour of blue, particularly on a person with red or dark hair, fair skin and blue or green eyes. Otherwise, monochromatic colour schemes (i.e. different shades of the same colour) or analogous, (i.e. colours adjacent to orange on the colour wheel) look harmonious with brown or hazel eyes and fair to dark skin and hair.

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