Most women are familiar with the changing of outfits several times over before finally deciding what to wear! This is frustrating, time consuming and disheartening – enough to make some cry. There really is enough going on in our lives to worry about what we’re going to wear at the start of each day – or evening for that matter.

These are just three of the issues I see over & over in my travels as an image and style consultant. If they apply to you here are three great starting points to have you preparing your outfits better everyday.

  1. Very old and worn out bras that don’t allow upper body garments to look and sit how they’re suppose to.

    As a bra fitter also I understand more women than not loath bra shopping. Try to remember it’s an important part of your breast care, health and comfort. You’ll never look back or compromise on ‘just any’ bra when you’re fitted properly at least once a year.

    bad bra

    2. Not quite enough of the correct neutrals throughout the wardrobe.

    Instead of a wardrobe filled with black and white (black and white are cool) start by bringing in navy blue, grey & off white. These are three of the easiest neutrals & universal colours to utilise throughout a wardrobe without having to think too much. If you only have, for example, black and white in your wardrobe or any other colour for that matter you’ll feel like you ‘have nothing to wear’. A neutral plus a colour, two neutrals and a colour or just two neutrals together work very well. For example navy, off white and red. Or grey, off white and orange.

    PV 1

    3. Too many random colours, and colour intensities that don’t harmonise together, making it too hard to create outfits.

    I see clients who own lots of great colour in their wardrobe but rarely worn. They loved it at the time of purchase, however, then found it didn’t suit them or their colouring, had them too far out of their comfort zone or it failed to mix & match effectively. Keep in mind that the colours we apply will make an impact on others and can leave a lasting impression – positive or negative. Consider the colour intensities of the clothes you want to wear together also – the brightness or softness. Work on getting these to look the same and they’ll be very pleasing to the eye. For example pastels with pastels, bright colours with bright colours and muted, smoky colours worn together.

PV 2



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