The ‘X’ body shape is similar to the 8 shape as the hips and shoulders are of equal width. 
The goal of an ‘X’ shape is to elongate your figure, show off your waist, and reveal your curves without over-emphasizing them. 
The X shape is usually quite long between the rib cage and the hip bone. The waist of an ‘X’ shape has some definition and has a longer straighter slope from the waist to the hip area.

The widest point for the ‘X’ shape is at the very top of the thighs and this is why A-line design clothes are great. (This is where an ‘X’ will feel they are their biggest) This is also why it’s best to not over emphasis the waist as this will draw too much attention to the widest point. 

They can be small, medium or large at the bust line.

Clothes that suit the ‘X’ body shape are pieces that fall smoothly over the curves with clean lines. Garments that reveal some skin at the top, and pieces that elongate your figure with vertical design lines and detailing. 

Garments that best emphasis the gorgeous ‘X’ shape are…

Fitted, belted, the trench, single breasted, flat fronted straight leg, bootleg or flared that sit on your natural waist, subtle tapered skirts with an off-center slit, A-lines, easy wraps, sheath and shirt dresses, diagonal hemlines and crossover dresses.

Halle Berry and Scarlett Johansson are great examples of the ‘X’ shape

The ‘X’ Shape, what to wear.

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 Scarlett-Johansson-in-Catherine-Deane-Late-Night-With-Jimmy-Fallon-4-600x902       scarlett_johansson_in_a_bikini-2606

 Halle Berry 2      'X' Shape

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