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Today we’re looking at the styling principles for the ‘A’ shape woman and what they need to wear in order to make the best of their shape. This shape is quite common among Asian women and the torso tends to be significantly longer than the legs. The goal for the ‘A’ shape is to show your curves without over emphasizing them, elongate your figure while creating horizontal balance between the shoulder and hip line. It’s quite common for an ‘A’ shape to own a smaller bust line, hence this emphasizes the narrower shoulder issue. A small busted ‘A’ shape does well in padded, molded or push-up bras as this will add some well needed volume, and begin the goal in creating the balance that’s needed.

1. Add width with fun shoulder detailing such as: Shoulder pads, epaulettes, colour bands, wide collars, puffed, ruched and cap sleeves.

2. Layering on your top half creates visual interest and draws the eye up as do scarves and jewellery.

3. Wide V-necks, sweethearts, boat necks, pecked lapels and showing some skin around the neck will assist to visually widen the shoulder line.

4. Light and bright colours at the shoulder line will not only add interest, but also visually add volume and width creating good effective balance to the hips.

5. Applying patterned and textured tops in your upper body garments is another excellent way to add width and volume and particularly to a small bust.

6. Tops and jackets need to finish above or below your widest point – depending on proportions. A good place is half way down the bottom as this will cut it in half making it look smaller!

7. Wear tops that drape and show off your waist definition without cinching in too much as this can emphasise the wider hips.

8. Skirts and dresses such as A-line and wraps are very flattering for the ‘A’ shape, and often easier to fit than pants due to the pulling that occurs across the crotch.

9. Wide flat waistbands can generally help fit trousers and skirts better, however you may need to have the waist taken in.

10. Try to use dense fabrics with a bit of weight for your lower body so the garment falls off your hips rather than cling.

11. Any long-line jackets need to be fitted and shaped with waist details and belting at the ¾ length mark.

'A' shapekristin_davis

What to avoid if you are an ‘A’ shape.

Bottoms with shiny, textured or clingy fabrics.

Bottoms with horizontal lines e.g Tiered skirts.

Pleats or tapering on your bottom half.

Halterneck, kimono, raglan and dolmen sleeves.

Anything too boxy or wide.

Patch pockets on hips.

Small or widely spaced back pockets or flaps.

Tight legs or narrow tapered legs.

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