Dear Lizzy,

I love reading your column and enjoy all the useful tips you share, thanks. At age 65 my challenge is to look stylish and effortless while keeping age appropriate. I think I can look quite old and daggy at times and I’m tired of it. How can I really achieve this, and also for winter as I live in the Hills and really feel the cold? I’m open to new ideas, and pretty sure I may have a ‘creative’ flare/style, but love to be comfy at the same time. Kind regards Eva.

Di' s PV

Thank you Eva, and yes at 65 years young why not keep on looking fresh, effortless and youthful!! There are plenty of ways to achieve this, and as long as you do it ‘your way’, you’ll be comfortable and happy in your creative comfy garments. Just because someone’s in their 60’s or even 70’s doesn’t mean they’re old and have to do the timeless classic look. If anything they’re more sure of their personality and what works and what doesn’t. Remember my quote…

Fashion is the outward tool used to project an inward message of oneself”
Lizzy Eden 2013

In other words clothing is a form of self-expression and it needn’t fade or die as we age. It’s probably more important as we mature to stay modern and up to date – this helps to maintain that element of youthful attractiveness you had years or decades before. Just because a clothing item is considered ‘timeless’ doesn’t mean it’s going to look timeless forever. Classic items tend to last around 5-10 years but not much longer than that.

Clothing ideas to consider at age 65…

Jane S

The Fit – don’t cover up curves with big boxy clothes as this will age you quicker than anything. Make sure clothes fit just about perfectly – they’ll look to be high quality even if they’re not expensive. Clothes with some stretch can be worn smaller with the comfort factor included.

Fabric Volume – Wearing two voluminous items of clothing at once will overwhelm your frame. If wearing an item with lots of volume it needs to go with a fitted piece.

Fabric Choice – Consider the quality of the fabrication, and if it’s important or not that it feels nice on your skin. You’ll love wearing it over and over if you feel lovely in it.

Apply The Rule Of Thirds – We look aesthetically better when our clothes are worn in uneven proportions rather than a 1:1 ratio/half. It’s mostly more pleasing to the eye when our legs look longer than our torso. If you want to wear tunics, long cardi’s, jackets and shirts ensure they make up 1:2 ratio/2/3’s of the overall outfit and match with a shorter skirt & nude heels/flats or lean bottoms with matching shoe colour.

Di' s PV

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