Last post and the beginning of spring we covered what we’ll see in the stores for the new season. I mentioned that the trends look a little different to last year making it refreshing and exciting. And although we’ve seen much of it in the past, there’s good variations and a different ‘take’ on things this spring.

Soft denim, bold stripes, paper bag waists, netting and knife pleats are all big this spring just to name a few.

Adding to this list is the Victorian inspired styles of ruffles, puff sleeves, high necklines, lace and lots of flowers.

This has a very feminine appeal and will suit those who love soft delicate textures while mixing an old era look with a modern twist. Depending on your particular dress code this could easily ramp up your work wardrobe along with your weekend attire adding a big burst of freshness. The key would be applying the correct amount of fabric and size of pattern/flowers to suit your scale, height, weight, bust size, decolletage length and vertical proportions.


Sleep wear – yes, as in nighties and pj’s worn outside bedtime. This will be a bit ‘out there’ for many, but can be tastefully achieved. Talk about comfy – nighties can replace nice feminine evening dresses for an on trend change.  Pj pants can be worn as a track suit alternative, while pj tops can be worn as an oversized shirt with jeans or pants. These will inevitably come in shiny luxe silk/satin  fabrics. If you have lovely shiny hair and or skin these will look stunning with your natural shiny texturing.  Europeans are taking it to a whole new level and wearing see through nighties over their outfits – wow!

Romantic ruffles will also be popular throughout spring. They’re ultra feminine in soft and loose designs, cascading in tiers and falling gathers. If appropriate this is a great opportunity to go a little more classic/feminine with your business wear while updating shirts and tops. Once again just be mindful of the amount and size of the ruffles you apply.


According to Pantone (the world colour authority) ‘peach echo’ is one of the favourite hues for spring 2016. There’ll be different versions of orange as always in spring. The softer versions of orange, for example in ‘peach echo’ are less flamboyant and tend to be smoothing.


When I see the colour orange I think fresh and fun – which is why I personally love to wear it.

I also love what it represents…orange is a friendly colour that attracts attention, making it ideal for social interactions. Orange also represents liveliness and happy memories. Many young people are drawn to the warming influence which orange projects, because of its vibrancy.  We choose orange when we want to have fun, draw attention to ourselves, or project an air of authority among our peers.



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