Style Tips Pics

5. Value contrast (lightness and darkness of colour) between your garments is a vital factor in impression management. When an onlooker’s brain picks up contrast difference it literally wakes up – this results in you being remembered, listened to and taken more seriously – particularly in business. When low contrast is worn, it often results in the wearer becoming more invisible.

6. People who appear elliptical (wider from the front than from the side view) can elongate their front and back with vertical seams and details. It’s best to avoid horizontal lines, particularly on the lower body but an elliptical shape can wear skirts and dresses with no side seams.

7. Curved patterns will camouflage as they hide what’s going on under the curves, while straight lines can make a curvy body appear more boxy. Straight lines include tartan, plaids and checks. Curved lines are considered more feminine while straight lines more masculine.

8. Match fabrics to your own natural texture, such as sleek shiny hair and skin with shiny fabrics and jewellery. If on the other hand you have short textured hair fabrics such as tweed, boucle and brocade will look great. And for someone with long curly hair chiffon, ruffled shirts and angora jumpers will look amazing. Lastly, if you have textured skin with freckles, fine lines and heavy pores, textured fabrics will harmonize and suit you very well also.

Style Tips Pics

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