The long denim skirt is everywhere atm so will most likely be a ‘trend’ (rather than a classic piece) meaning we’ll see them for a few years possibly for around 3-6/7 years.
Other signs of a clothing trend is that everyone will love & thrash it & consider it a wardrobe basic for a few years. Because this trend comes in a variety of lengths, i’e midi, 3/4 & maxi this is also a good sign we’ll only see them for a few years in the stores.
With that said, they look fab & everyone can wear them!!
Just keep these tips in mind…
1. A straight denim skirt is great for the I, H, 8 & O shape
2. A-line is perfect for the X, A & V shape
3. Petites need to end the hemline at their narrow points or do a maxi to create a nice long vertical.
4. It’s best for petites to choose a denim skirt with small pockets.
5. If you’re overall light in your colouring choose a light denim & likewise if you’re deep in your colouring go for a darker denim.
6. Cool purple/white denim for cool people & warm/yellow denim for warm people.
7. The long denim skirt is easy to wear most of your upper body garments with – camis & tanks, long & short sleeve tops/tees, cropped jumper/cardi, button down shirts & bomber jackets & blazers.
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