Ladies, are you needing to update those worn out bras?

I’m sure some of you are, as it’s usually the last thing most women desire to shop for when it comes to the number one wardrobe item!

As a professional bra fitter and image consultant I see my customers and clients greatly relieved when fitted properly for the first time in a long time, and occasionally for the first time ever!

The perfect fitting bra will have you feeling like a new woman, and wishing you had been updated long before you did. It’s important to set aside some quality time with your bra fitter to get the correct fitting one for your particular needs. It’s not unusual for me to spend up to 45 minutes with a client or customer to really get this right. The good news is, you only have to do it about once a year.

I consistently see women who think they’re larger around the torso, and smaller in the cup. There’s quite a difference between thinking you’re a 14C, but in reality you’re a 12DD. The comfort factor can be worlds apart if you’re in the incorrect size. Keep in mind the number is for your torso/back size, and the letters refer to your breast tissue size. If you’re generally a size 12 in clothes, you will more than likely be around a 10 – 12 band size. Keep in mind also that a woman’s breast tissue changes throughout the month and over the years.

If it’s possible for you to invest in two good bras in the one fitting, then alternate them from day to day you should get a good 10-12 months wear.

During a fitting I always suggest at least one skin or nude coloured bra for easy camouflage under your clothing. It’s best we can’t see the colour of a women’s bra under her clothes. If you’re wearing garments with very thin straps a strapless bra is ideal, however many larger busted women can’t do this due to the insufficient support. In this case a bra as close to the skin colour or garment colour is the best option, as sometimes you just need to wear thin straps to stay cool.

 A few tips to recognise you need an update… USA-Star-in-a-Bra-1

  1. You need to have the straps adjusted to the tightest and they still feel loose.

  2. The straps keep falling off your shoulders even though they are adjusted to the tightest.

  3. When the fabric of your molded bra has dimpling over the cup area.

  4. When the under wire is poking out from the seeming.

  5. When the under wire is uncomfortably pressing against you.

  6. Your strap is now shaped in a arch manner rather than sitting parallel with the floor around your torso.

  7. When you have the hooks on the last row (tightest) and it still feels loose.

  8. If you feel like you want to pull your bra down all the time as it keeps riding up.

  1. When your bra is more than about 18 months old and been worn regularly.

  2. When your bra is no longer covering your breast tissue adequately. 

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