With the exciting arrival of the new Royal baby, I thought we’d discuss comfy clothing for the new mums out there! Having a new baby is a very special and precious time in a woman’s life – what you wear, and how you feel in what you wear is very important. All the physical changes surrounding pregnancy and giving birth can make dressing very frustrating. It’s hard to know where to start when your body has changed so much. And no woman wants to look drab even if she feels it. The current over-size and loose fitting trend is a great option for pregnant and new mums.

But let’s start with the most important garment every new mum, and mum ‘to be’ needs to wear. A good supportive maternity bra (soft cup) that protects breast tissue from stretching and sagging later on, not to mention the comfort they provide.

An everyday underwire bra is fine up until about 16 weeks of gestation. In the first three to four months the breasts begin to prepare for lactation and glandular development occurs – this is when a woman’s cup size increases. Most women find at this stage they’ll outgrow their current bra, and may experience unnecessary discomfort. This is the time when you need to be fitted properly for a good non-wire, stretchy and comfortable maternity bra that provides significant relief and support.

Between 3-8 months the breast tissue growth slows while your ribcage expands. If you love your underwire bra and feel you need that extra lift, consider a flexible-wire maternity bra. These are ideal for the second and third trimesters and provide fabulous shape and support without restriction or pressure.

Retained fluid in late pregnancy can also cause the breasts to swell, hence, a flexible-wire will flex and move position with your changing breasts. The flexible-wire is a great choice once the breast tissue settles after the birth of the baby – they’re also less likely to cause problems such as mastitis that a regular under-wire might.

Because comfort is key, the fabrication choice will be vitally important for pregnancy and after baby. Fabrics with lots of stretch are ideal during pregnancy and recovery after the babies arrival. Stretchy fabrics that include a high content of lycra, also known as spandex or elastane will be super comfy. Lycra is a man-made fabric but can be blended with nylon, cotton, and wool if you love to wear some natural fibre. Jersey fabric is another fabulous option as it’s lightweight, flexible and generally soft. This knit drapes nicely and can also be made of different contents such as polyester, cotton, rayon, silk and wool blends.

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