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We continue with more etiquette aspects that help to make great impressions in business, work and social atmospheres.

Last post I touched on the importance of good posture – a non verbal body language message that’s noticed first and reveals whether you’re confident, open and poised. Your demeanour can significantly impact potential opportunities and even success.

Slouching posture with drooping shoulders can communicate that you’re not sure of yourself and have you appearing as though you’re uninterested in engaging with others.

In the business and work environment it’s recommended to stand tall and claim the space you’re in. Plant your feet about six inches apart with one slightly in front of the other. This will help to make you feel grounded, controlled and balanced.

Your posture will also reveal to people if you want others to approach you. For instance, if you’re talking with one other person and the two of you are forming a rectangle, you will give the message that you have ‘closed off’ your space and don’t want to be interrupted. Take note next time you stand by two people who are in the rectangular position and see how long you go unacknowledged. The two will see you out of their peripheral vision, but won’t include you until they’ve finished their private conversation. If, on the other hand, the two of you stand with your feet pointed outward like two sides of an incomplete triangle, you’ll be inviting others into the conversation.

Here are some more interesting and useful facts to be aware of when in a business, networking and social setting.

  1. A person who is uncomfortable in a room full of people will stand with their feet facing…The nearest door.

  2. It’s important to buy & wear clothing that supports and suits your personal values.

  1. At any networking event who do you give your business card to?

    People who have asked you for your business card.

  1. At what point should you say your name when answering you phone?

    It should be the very last word you say.

  1. When talking on your mobile phone in a business environment what is the appropriate phone etiquette?

    Always take your phone call in a place where you’ll not disturb others.

  1. You are invited to a corporate sporting box–what do you wear? Level 3 – relaxed business attire.

  1. The least powerful place to sit in a meeting is…halfway down the table to the most important person.

  2. A round table is more suited to informal work or business meetings. This promotes a relaxed atmosphere and is ideal for promoting discussions among those of equal status or success. It allows each person to claim the same table space or territory symbolising unity and strength.

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