Apart from feeling a tad uncomfortable, belts can indeed be a challenging accessory to work with. l see many belts hanging in wardrobes that go unworn for years and years. If you love or need to wear a belt, here are some general tips to keep in mind about this handy accessory.

.They look great in your hair colour – this will create colour harmony.

.Keep it modern by matching the colour of your belt to your shoes or bag rather than match shoe and bag colour.

.Keep in mind that belts can become a focal point – for good or not so good!

.Belts are less likely to overwhelm or look insignificant when when they match your scale (bone size) appropriately.

.Be mindful when matching the levels of refinement between your belt and the rest of your outfit items.

.Wearing a long garment such as a dress with a belt is easier as the dress works as a long vertical line, elongating.

Below are my five different examples of who can, and how to wear a belt successfully.


belts 2


Our first example will work well for someone who is significantly short from the peak of the bust to the natural curve of the waist, or where a curve at the waist would be. It’s best to keep this particular proportion clutter free, hence the very narrow belt. This can also be applied for the large busted women as a wide belt can sit too close to the bust line making a bust look bigger. Note that the colour of the belt and garment match, giving no contrast which allows wearing a belt for a short waist much easier. Use a scarf or necklace to bring focus up to your face instead.


Our second image will suit someone that’s perhaps is a little longer through the waist, but not so defined – such as the ‘H’ or ‘l’ shape. While there’s room for a wider belt, once again avoiding contrast with the garment hides a lack of waist definition. A belt worn loosely with an elastic band is great here. They don’t slip down quite as much while at the same time appear to look quite fitted as the fabric curves easier creating a waist.

belts 2

Our third image is suited to someone that can indeed wear a wider belt due to the distance between the peek of the bust and the natural waist. They may or may not be large busted, however if they are, a medium contrast is probably the better choice as this will not emphasis the bust line quite so much.


The fourth example represents a very blessed person that is actually long from the peek of the bust to the natural waist with great definition also. The space between the bottom rib and the pelvis is most likely to be very long also. These ladies can do anything they want and not look cluttered at the waist.


Our fifth and final example is for those with a very short and wide waist area. It is possible to create an illusion of a waist by simply donning a jacket, cardi or blazer over a dress and belt to look like you own a waist. You will just need to leave your jacket on. If you don’t want contrast once again match to garment colour. A hip belt that sits on the waist and then drops down at the front to sit more at the hips is another great alternative to creating a waist.






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