My favourite season is here – already! Autumn reminds me of my colour palette – warm, soft and toasty, and of course we think of the autumn leaf colours. I have to confess I do adore all four seasons as they each offer something unique and special. But what excites me the most is leaving behind part of my wardrobe and moving onto the next seasons outfits. I start to miss the clothes that have been hanging there for months waiting to be worn. And I say months and not a year because thankfully, Adelaide weather permits trans-seasonal dressing giving us more opportunities to utilise our clothes.
Let’s look at what’s coming and already here for autumn 2018.

Bright coats
Monochromatic outfits
Textured teddy coats
Small bags

With that said, this season you may only see a small amount in the autumn leaf colour range. Ultra violet and lavender are suppose to rule as will bold bright hues in the primary colours of red, yellow and blue – sounds more like spring – leaving extroverts quite possibly in their element.
Bright colours never really ‘go out’. They work well for the dramatic personality and for those who are also bright in their natural colouring – hair and eye colour. Do this trend in small amounts if it’s a tad intimidating for you, ie a bag, scarf, glasses or broach. Great if you’re an introvert and wanting to come out of your shell for a change while having fun in a quiet way.

Monochromatic – mono means one and chromatic means colour. This can be done/worn in just one colour, such as all red or it can be done with different shades of red. It’s huge this season and a great way to easily put an outfit together without thinking too much about what to wear with what – simply repeat the same colour at the top and bottom.

Teddy coats in tan and autumn shades or bold brights like red and yellow will be everywhere. The texture will add interest to every outfit and feel extra cosy. If you’re not into the teddy aesthetic, try a faux fur option.

And the smaller the better should be your motto when investing in a bag this autumn season. Culling down your bits and pieces will be a challenge, but so liberating and light. The cross-body styles are cute and all the rage, they’ll also have you hands free!

As seen in this fortnights…  


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