Style Tips Pics

There are many tried and tested style tips that we’re all familiar with. During my travels and training as an image consultant I’ve learned and discover some more I think you’ll love – apply and try for yourself.

  1. If you’re unsure whether a particular colour is right for you, apply the ‘blink test’. Simply hold the garment up under your chin and close your eyes for three seconds. On opening your eyes notice where they immediately land – at your face or the garment? If they land at your face you’ve probably nailed the correct colour as colour should always bring focus to your face.

  2. When choosing glasses make sure they are as wide as the widest part of your face. If they’re narrower and slant inward toward your face your cheeks will be the emphasised rather than your eyes. Remember glasses are jewellery for your face.

  3. Taping your third and fourth toes together (counting from the big toe) alleviates pain in the ball of your foot. This is because a nerve that splits between these two toes causes pain when pressure is placed upon it, for example, when you wear heels. The tape removes strain on the nerve. Try this next time you have to stand all day in heels.

  4. To shorten a very long neck, or lengthen a very short neck place a pendant at your second balance point. Find the widest part of your face, and measure from that point to your chin. Then take that length from just above your collar bone/shoulder line and down your chest – that is your second balance point.

Style Tips Pics

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