Travelling light and stress free for a two week summer trip is actually possible! You can use a carry-on trolley-case whilst having enough outfit options for every occasions! Just make sure the trolley-case you’re using has wheels that are placed to the outside edges of the width for more stability when wheeling. One with outside pockets is very handy for flat bits and pieces like tickets, paperwork or a thin magazine. Wearing your bulky larger items (blazer/cardi, comfy jeans and sneakers/heaviest shoes) to and from your holiday spot is the first step in the process. Take your pashmina on the plane as well and use as it a blanket or pillow.

Make sure all items packed are clothes you really love and feel good in. Your 10 clothing items can also be in block colours, however this can get a little boring after several days. You should be able to get around 30 different outfits from this capsule, hence plenty of choice. Your jacket/cardi has to look great with every item, and every top has to look fab with all your bottoms. And remember, patterns, prints and embellishments can work as accessories/jewellery saving precious packing space. Don’t forget your bathers, and avoid white/cream coloured clothes as stains and dirt show up easily.


When it comes to undergarments wear your wire bra on the plane and take a second non under wire that will roll up easily in your trolley. For strapless dresses and tops you’ll need a strapless bra, but do take the straps and use this as your every day bra instead. Take two pairs of socks and stuff one pair into your shoes and wear/take the other pair on the plane in case you feel cold. Stuff enough knickers into the other shoe for about four days. If you hand wash a pair daily in the shower you’ll never run out, and take two plastic bags for dirty clothes and underwear.

As for sleep-wear, one light cotton nightie that dries quickly after washing, and/or one light pair of pj bottoms with two matching tanks is plenty. If the accommodation doesn’t provide dressing gowns take a light satin one that will roll up nice and small in your case. You can use your everyday thongs as a pair of slippers also.

I always take a good size backpack for my small personal items that I place into my toiletry bag, this also allows me to be hands free to wheel my trolley. Only take a small travel hair drier if you really need to, and a pair of hair straighteners should fit comfortably in your case. For everyday, a neutral coloured tote bag in nylon or canvas is the better option, they expand well, and can easily roll up – leather is too bulky and heavy. You will no doubt need a small evening bag/clutch, but first make sure you can place into it your keys, phone, lipstick, small mirror, tissue, drivers licence and money before you pack it. This can be placed into either one of the outside pockets of your trolley or the spare pocket inside.


I choose to roll everything as small and tight as I possibly can expelling every bit of air, and immediately hang up everything on arrival.

Flat packing is another option where you button everything up before placing into the case. Fold garment only once or twice where they don’t fit in. As you place the garments firmly on top of each other expelling any air, the trolley becomes full and they don’t move around, hence no creases at the other end!!

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