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Navy ankle boots

Leopard print stilettos

Mock neck cropped caramel jumper

Mustard long ribbed cardigan

Orange long sleeve tee with choker collar


Navy blue ankle boots…

A great alternative to black, and will also visually extend the length of your legs and overall height, working also as a low vamp shoe with your darker pants, jeans, skirts, dresses & hosiery. Classic, timeless, and a bit of a rare find as they were huge last year but not so much this year. Failing that, there’s plenty of nice ankle boot variations in the stores in blue/grey & charcoal which are also fabulous neutrals that will go with your outfits over and over.

Leopard print stilettos…

These will add drama & pizzazz to a very basic and low key outfit. Mine are warm tones – caramel & dark chocolate brown, therefore match & blend with not only my hair colour but my winter wardrobe very easily. Points are ‘in’ and are great for those with a straight angular shape nose. They’re always classic and date slowly – a good way to wear animal print if you only like a small amount and not near your face.


My Items


Mock neck cropped jumper…

Warm and cosie! Cropped knits are big this autumn/winter as opposed to the long over sized style of last year. These are a nice change and will allow your legs to appear much longer and have you dressed in the thirds. That is, your upper body/torso appearing to be just 1/3 of your entire body rather than a 1:1 ratio or 50/50 way of dressing which shortens you overall. Around the hip bone is a good rule of thumb for a cropped upper body garment to sit. The cropped jumper will also allow you to highlight nice waistbands, zips, pockets and other details on your lower body garment.

Long line ribbed cardigan…

They’re huge this season & will suit everyone! They create a fabulous outward ‘column of colour’ or one long vertical line, therefore slimming and particularly elongating for petites. These have you appearing as though you’ve been vertically split into ‘three thirds’. Perhaps avoid large pockets if you’re conscious of your hips as they’ll become a focal point. The long line cardigan is fabulous for hiding other annoying body variations that many women resent, such as: large bottom, short legs, short torso, wide waistline, large bust & full thighs.

Orange long sleeve tee with choker neck…

I’m loving the choker trend and this is a great way to start wearing one as it’s attached to the tee. If you have a shorter neck and lack some space, do a nice fine narrow one instead. Wear one in you hair colour or a skin enhancing colour: such as red, rust, orange & pink. This will harmonise with your natural colouring & not overwhelm a short neck or create an odd looking focal point.

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