Prints & Patterns 2

  Let’s look at part two of prints and patterns as we follow on from the last post. I specifically discussed exactly what prints and patterns are and the difference between them. ”A print is a design or image that is printed onto a fabric, while a pattern... read more

Prints and Patterns

      Prints and Patterns… When I open my wardrobe I see lots of prints and patterns. This brings a smile to my face as I see the multitude of options before me that reflect who I am. While essential for me it’s certainly more exciting than... read more

5 More Habits Of Stylish Women

  In my last post I wrote about some of the habits stylish women tend do throughout their lives to maintain looking fab! They consisted of… 1. Not comparing themselves to others 2. Follow good sound style principles 3. Confident in how they dress 4. Update... read more

5 habits stylish women do throughout their life!

  Almost everyday clients and customers will express to me their desire to look more stylish, or look better than they already do. So how does one do that? It’s like every area in life – effort, or at least some, and as Vivienne Westwood once said…... read more

Perfect Fitting Clothes 2

  Blazers & jackets can be the biggest challenge in terms of correct fitting. I’ve had two clients in the last week that will need their tailor to adust the jackets I’ve found for them. Not all clothes come perfect from the manufacturer – in... read more

My Bra Fitting Tips & Facts!

As well as being an image consultant and stylist, I’m also a bra fitter for Harris Scarfe. I’m used to seeing many women in the wrong bra! It’s very easy to forget or neglect to update your most important garment. When a women has been wearing the same one, or few for... read more

Perfect Fitting Garments

    This is a great topic to discuss. It’s also an important factor for good clothing investment as you’ll wear your clothes more if you not only love them, but if they fit well too. I generally suggest forgetting about labels and sizes while... read more

Your Yearly Bra Update!!

Like the need for a yearly update with your favourite bra fitter, here are my yearly bra fitting tips! Let’s look at why your bras are perhaps not fitting you very well or just plain incorrectly. The sizing dilemma…it’s been said the world over that... read more

Layering Up For Winter

As we leave autumn behind and move into a brand new winter, layering will be on everyone’s mind. And while summer clothing is quick, easy and less fussy we get to utilise more of our wardrobe items because we need to wear more. If you’re a bit of a cold... read more

Layering Up For The Cold Weather

  Other than investing in a fabulous new jacket for winter, layering would be the next best thing! Layering not only provides warmth, but can be one of your best looks! Not looking overwhelmed and swamped in your fabric, colours and patterns is the key to... read more

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