The Muffin Top Cover up

Shape wear…Consider comfortable shape-wear that flattens and smooths out the ‘love handles’ which creates the ‘muffin top look’. Bodysuits are a fabulous option because you can wear a very fitted one throughout the torso, verses control... read more

Your Style Recipe

  What would discovering or knowing your ‘style recipe’ mean? In a way it speaks for itself – it’s knowing all the ingredients that are mixed together to reflect your unique and genuine style through what you’d wear on any given day. As a... read more

Good Dressing 2

I highlighted in my last post the topic of proportions (also referred to as vertical proportions) and how we can best style ourselves particularly in a dress when they’re carefully considered. I also mentioned, and I quote, ”The task of choosing and... read more

Good Dressing

As an image and style consultant I’m in the business of ‘getting it right’ when it come to dressing my clients. The task of choosing and wearing the right clothes to ultimately look your best can be the biggest challenge – ask any woman! With... read more

Winter Layering

Well, winter has certainly come in a big way for 2018. I’m feeling it more this year it would seem, & I think of those living in the Hills and just how cold it must be for them. I’m loving my winter woollies and thermal wear as I do every year and... read more

Belts Are Back – Part 2

  The Statement Belt…   This post we’re back to discussing belts as we are seeing many different types and styles for winter. Let’s touch on the statement, skinny and wide belt, all of which will come and go over the seasons. Remember, personal... read more

Belts are back A/W 2018

  Belts rarely disappear altogether from one season to the next but rather come and go in a big or small way – just like any other fashion trend. Love or loathe belts they’re back for autumn/winter – there’s no denying a belt can either make a... read more

Colour Series Part 3

Over the last two fortnights, I’ve done a series on colour theory. In part one, I covered and explained the colour wheel and what happens to the pure colours (on the outside) when white, grey or black is added and that they become a tint, tone and shade... read more

Colour Series 2

  “The best colour in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!” Coco Chanel Last post I talked about basic colour theory and explained what occurs to the pure colours that sit on the edge of the colour wheel. I discussed that when white is added to... read more

Colour Series 1

As a colour consultant, I get to work with colour every day and the privilege of teaching clients about their personal colour palette. We’re surrounded by colour all day every day, therefore, it has a certain amount of influence in our lives and can say a lot... read more

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