Women’s Spring Fashion 2020

Spring has sprung, bringing relief from the cold and the promise of warmer days. Spring 2020 certainly feels and looks different from the last one given the year we’ve had up till now. With the lockdown over and restrictions lifted it’s great to see Adelaidians out and about. The pandemic has taken a huge hit on many industries including the clothing and fashion space. Despite this, it hasn’t stopped designers bringing forth fabulous trends that are hitting the stores right now. 

There seems to be something for everyone this season, so head out and support the local retailers to find that special piece or two. We’ll be seeing more lounge-wear, baggy jeans, Bermuda shorts, cardigans, anything crochet, day to night sequins, sheer tops and shirts, feathers added to whatever you like, vests and drawstrings, striped knitted dresses in various silhouettes, bralettes under blazers, and buttery soft leather garments just to name a few.

Lounge-wear – Falling somewhere between athleisure and sleepwear, lounge-wear is the middle ground that escapes tightly fitting clothes such as jeans or business wear or what one would wear to bed. Since many of us are working from home now lounge-wear has become the new ‘at home office wear’, or attire we can run errands in while still looking presentable.

Bralettes – For the young and young at heart, bralettes are to be seen or, just a tad. Worn best under a blazer, pair with high waisted jeans, lounge/pants, shorts or trousers for a little more cover. And if that’s not enough then by all means button the blazer for extra modesty. The sky’s the limit in bralette styles with crochet, gingham, silk, lace, cotton, and soft leather.

Baggy jeans – Pop your skinnies away for now as it’s all about baggy legs. This is great news for those who loathe restricted or tight-fitting bottoms. It’s more about relaxed comfort with a tomboy edge – think 80’s. Who doesn’t want to feel comfy in their everyday jeans? Look for jeans with front seams, ribbing, and pleats – consider the vintage jean trend also.  

Bermuda shorts – Hang up your work skirts ladies and reach for the current alternative. Bermuda shorts will still have you looking classic, classy, and professional while keeping you cool on warmer days. Perfect for the office, pair with any of your biz shirts and blazers and finish with a closed-toe shoe.

Feathers – A fun focal point in and on any outfit. Feathers are set to be a huge hit this season on dresses, tees, tops, and accessories. It’s the spring embellishment that’ll dress up any outfit day or night. Apply them in your favorite colour or to create contrast between your garment and the feathered item.


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