Well, winter has certainly come in a big way for 2018. I’m feeling it more this year it would seem, & I think of those living in the Hills and just how cold it must be for them. I’m loving my winter woollies and thermal wear as I do every year and I’m ‘decked out’ head to toe in it every day – wool socks, wool tank/singlets, wool long sleeve tees, wool blended jumpers, coat and scarves.

Let’s look at layering and some of the ways we can achieve this…

Layering provides warmth and comfort, but can also be one of your best looks for winter! Not looking overwhelmed and swamped in your fabric, colours, prints and patterns is the key to layering well. But you’ll still want to look great if and when you need to remove layers throughout the day to adjust to different temperatures – keep this in mind when choosing your outfit for the day.

Start with a base layer – cami/tank/singlet

To achieve ultimate warmth your base layer really needs to be a figure-hugging cami/tank or singlet made of wool fabrication. Wool works as a fantastic sweat and odour resistant fabric making it comfortable while keeping you warm even if it gets damp. It’s also a wonderful breathable fabric with a low tendency to collect static electricity. If your skin doesn’t like regular wool, a fine merino wool would be the softer more delicate option for your skin. It’s common that many individuals can’t even wear fine merino wool due to the itchiness, therefore, a rayon, modal or cotton base layer is a great alternative.

Your second outer layer – long or short sleeve t-shirt

Your second layer can also be wool, particularly if your base layer is cotton, rayon or modal. Long sleeve tees in winter are your best friend, and even better in soft merino wool. You could layer two together for maximum warmth as long as they’re very fine – in either wool or non-wool fibres. Layer all of the above under your shirts/tops/jumpers/dresses/tunics/jumpsuits/blazers/jackets

Third outer layer – shirt/top/jumper/dress/tunic/jumpsuit/blazer/jacket

The third layer should suit you perfectly and preferably be a favourite style, colour, print or pattern. Here you can add a wool scarf or pashmina that can be removed once inside. If the third layer is something plain add some extra pizazz with an exciting wool scarf or pashmina to potentially replace the fourth layer if you feel better in less clothing.

The fourth outer layer – coat, trench coat, long cardi or cape

This is where you complete and or compliment your entire winter outfit with your fourth layer if you need it. Choose one you love and can’ get enough as this is the

layer that will get you from place to place in this cold winter. One in either wool or a wool blend also allows for versatile trans-seasonal wear. And a neutral (black, navy, brown, caramel, rust, burgundy, olive, tan, cream, white) is the most sensible choice because neutrals go well with other neutrals as well as with colours.

As seen in The Weekender Herald http://adelaidehills.realviewtechnologies.com/

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