It’s a statement I often hear in my line of work. ‘’I have a special event coming up and I have nothing or no clue what to wear.’’Throughout the year, most of us will be invited to attend different events, and therefore, be faced with the challenge of what to wear. Dressing to look fabulous for any important occasion, be it a wedding, funeral, business function, race day luncheon, court appearance, job interview, dinner party or date can leave one frustrated and very stressed.

To make things a little easier let’s look carefully at some of the important considerations on this topic.

  1. Firstly, what is the nature of the occasion?

What does the invitation state and is there a certain dress code to adhere to. This will determine what you’ll be expected to wear. Is it a formal, informal, black tie, after five, cocktail or business related event? If, for example, the occasion is of a business nature, then a more conservative level of dress attire will be required. If on the other hand, it’s an after five event the style of dressing changes once again – a LBD, strappy shoes, great bling, and heavier makeup is appropriate here.

  1. Where is the event or occasion being held?

This will have a strong bearing on what you’ll be expected to wear. For example, dining at an extravagant restaurant will require you to be dressed as though it’s in keeping with the image of the establishment – versus a casual and relaxed cafe. As a general rule, the level of nighttime dressing calls for a higher standard than day time dining.

  1. Who will be at the event?

The more you know about those going, the easier it is to dress appropriately and act accordingly for that particular event. Will you know the individuals attending? What age and gender are they? What sort of work and economic status are they likely to be in? Knowing this information will help you to carefully choose what to wear. This way you’re more likely to turn up reflecting the best version of yourself which also adds great credibility.

  1. What is your reason for going?

Do you want or need to meet someone attending the event – if so, is it for business or personal reasons? If you’re wanting to make an impact or lasting impression, your entire outward appearance should reflect someone who is wanting to achieve that goal.

  1. How will I achieve this?

Keep in mind that our clothing attire (and body language) sends non-verbal signals to those we meet. If you’re marketing yourself, perhaps dress to impress in the appropriate manner. If you want to be relatable and put others at ease consider dressing in a similar way to those going to the event. This can be a powerful tool in breaking communication barriers and invite rapport.

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