Complimentary Colour Schemes

Experimenting and trying different colours in our clothes and accessories can be fun and interesting – it can also give us a break from the ‘same old same old’! It’s refreshing to get out of our comfort zone every now and again and have fun with our wardrobe pieces.

There are several different colour schemes you can try, however it’s important to match it to your personality so you’ll feel at ease and comfortable.

Lets have a look at the complimentary colour scheme. This is where colours sit opposite on the colour wheel to each other, such as: blue & orange, brown and blue, green & red and violet and yellow.


                                  ImageProxy (1)

These can offer a high contrast especially when worn at full saturation. You can minimize the contrast to suit your personality and personal contrast if you desire.

The key is to keep similar intensities between the two colours when matching together – such as, bright with bright, muted with muted, soft with soft and light with light. This will ensure they harmonise well and therefore pleasing to the eye.

Those with lots of colour to their natural colouring look particularly good in complimentary colour schemes. For example, someone with brunette or black hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Or someone with red hair, fair skin and green eyes. Or blonde hair, olive skin and blue eyes. And a person with fair hair and skin and blue/grey eyes. And a person with mousy brown hair, fair or olive skin and blue/green eyes. Also a person with brunette hair and green eyes.


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