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Navy blue is another fabulous dark neutral to consider for an interview, and universally suits everyone. It’s also a calming neutral, and the friendliest colour in the spectrum while still looking professional and strong.

Supporting your personality style through colour is a great way to add a bit of difference in your interview attire. For example, if you’re going for quite a feminine or gentle role, salmon, pink, violet or burgundy would work well – these are great skin enhancing colours which will give you a healthy glow.

If you have blue eyes wear a shirt close to that colour, this will enhance them while bringing the interviewers attention to your face. If you need to appear approachable and friendly, a light blue will certainly help to create this image.

Wearing a splash of the company’s logo colour will have a profound and lasting impact on the interviewer/s. This says you already relate to the company, and are of like mindedness! It could just be the colour of your bag or resume folder. Or if appropriate, simply arrive to the interview in the exact replica of the uniform/outfit you will be wearing once you nail the job. This way you’ll appear to be already part of the company giving the impression you would fit right in!


What A Man Should Wear To An Interview

A good quality wool or wool blend suit will serve you well for many years, and is a great investment. If a wool suit is out of your budget a high quality natural and synthetic fiber blend would be acceptable.


Getting properly fitted for a suit, shirt and tie is worth the time, as texture, pattern and print need to be applied and coordinate properly. You’ll want to look professional yet modern and contemporary in you interview/business attire. A suit, shirt and tie can be quite a standard uniform for a guy. This is where colour, print and pattern can be used to express your individual style!

When mixing shirt and tie colours the more similar they are or mono chromatic, the easier they are to wear together and the more slimming and well presented you will appear.

Use no more than three colours in an outfit. And when two or three solids are combined then each colour should only be presented two or three times.

Try to wear lighter brighter tie colours or ones in your eye colour to bring the focus up to your face.

The tie width should match the width of the jacket lapels.

Small geometric patterns and striped ties are more conservative and suit an interview situation rather than character or cartoon styles.

Your tie should end at your belt and your belt should match your good quality shoes.

A long sleeve shirt even in summer should be worn and needs to poke out from the jacket sleeve by 1-1.5 cm

Your jacket length should cover your seat entirely, with the top button done up, and always undone when sitting down.

Your trousers should only ever have none to two breaks across the shoe – this is a good guide to the appropriate trouser length.






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