As we begin a new and hopefully exciting year, January’s the time to have a big tidy up around the house, not to mention the clothes in your wardrobe!

How is your wardrobe looking – mess or orderly?

How do you feel about your wardrobe – frustrated or excited?

How is your wardrobe working for you – appropriate and fresh or is it unsuitable and impracticable?

And lastly, how do you want your wardrobe to look for the new year – how does functional and inspiring sound rather than tired and boring.

If your wardrobe has been neglected for a while, then now is the time to get objective and real! It’s true a wardrobe clean out will take a bit of energy to sort through, so make sure you feel fresh and well rested. Try and choose a day with very few commitments and the effort will be worth it to start a fresh for 2015.

The goal is to have every item suitable, versatile and current for wear and clearly visible in your wardrobe.

               You will end up with four different piles…

  1. The yes pile – I love it, need it, and wear it often. Hang these items neatly in your wardrobe in light to dark colour and style order. You are more likely to wear your clothes often if you can see them.

  2. The toss pile – I don’t like it, it’s old, worn out, does not fit, wrong colour and never wear it. Place these items in garbage bags ready to take to charity or throw in the bin.

  3. The move on pile – I love it, it’s in great condition, but never wear it. Think of a friend or family member who would love to receive these clothes. If the quality is good you could make some cash back on these garments, eBay and recycle boutiques are two great options.

4. The I’m not sure pile – I love it but not sure if it’s right on me. Look hard at why you don’t wear this item. Does it need altering, dry cleaning or repairing. Or does it just need a key piece to go with it to allow you to wear it successfully. Put these particular clothes and accessories away neatly – go back to them in six months. If you still don’t want to wear them give to a charity, friend or family member. You could sell on ebay, Gumtree, recycle boutique or sell them at a market.

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