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We continue on with one of my best and easiest wardrobe solutions for the new year!

Last post I discussed the amazing ‘capsule wardrobe’ concept. This consists of 10 or 12-15 garments that all go cohesively together giving you multiple outfit options and choices. I also mentioned that a ‘capsule wardrobe’ is not 30-50 items in a wardrobe that somehow and hopefully all go together but really don’t.

In total 72 outfits can be created from just 12 items. For each additional top added you gain another 12 outfit options. If you could layer some of the tops this would also create more choices. But it gets even better when you bring in a new jacket or cardigan as you then create another 24 outfit options.

Here is the example of garments I suggested…

X2 cardigan or jacket

X4 pants/skirts

X6 tops

Keep in mind both the cardigan and jacket must go with every top and all of your pants/skirts. Remember the tops don’t need to match or work together, however they must go with all of the bottoms and outerwear.

If you’re wanting to add a dress into the ‘capsule’ this will certainly provide more options, however, less than what a skirt or pair of trousers would because the tops are generally excluded.

Keep in mind that both the cardi and jacket need to work perfectly with the dress in order for it to effectively be part of the capsule. This will give you at least three more outfits excluding accessories which can also help create even more outfit ideas. On that note, accessories do not have to go with absolutely everything in your capsule – they are the additional items that provide that ‘point of difference’, variety and interest to your outfits…think scarves, jewellery, pashminas, shoes, belts and bags. Owning an abundance of these items, especially if you’re on a budget is a great way of having a full and exciting wardrobe.

Cap Wdrbe 2

The colour choices for creating a capsule wardrobe is also very important. This can be ‘the tricky bit’ for some people. My clients who’ve had colour analysis with me find it much easier over time as they’re working with their whole colour palette. It’s easier to create outfits when the properties of your colours match harmoniously together (warm with warm, cool with cool, bright with bright, deep with deep, and soft with soft) this becomes the key factor to a versatile and effective capsule wardrobe.

Lower body items in neutrals will definitely help make building your capsule much easier. Your tops can then be in a variety of colour, patterns and prints. Your outer layering garments are best done in solid colours but not necessarily neutrals. Keep in mind though that patterns, prints and colours are much more ‘memorable’ than neutrals, hence this is why we feel we can wear them more often without tiring of them. Don’t let this deter you from going ‘crazy’ with creativity!


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