As we head into another new year it’s also a good time to do a wardrobe detox! This is the time to re-focus, set new goals and get real about your wardrobe for 2015!

Tackling your bra draw before anything else is essential. As this is your foundation item they really should be assessed properly. Pop each and every bra onto your bed and check the following…

1. Is the fabrication of the bra in tact and not falling apart?

2. Does the bra fit perfectly to the breast tissue you have right now?

3. Does the band of the bra sit firmly around your torso and parallel to the floor?

4. Have you worn it in the last three months?

If yes to all of the above, the bra stays – if no to any of the above then it would be a good idea to update your bra. A new bra is an investment in your health and happiness, and will have you feeling fabulous in your clothes. An update with a good bra fitter every twelve months is adequate, and owning three excellent good quality everyday bras should see you through.

Important tips on caring for your bra will be covered next fortnight!

Once you have your bra draw organised it’s time to move onto your clothes wardrobe. Start from one end and bring clusters of clothes out of your wardrobe and onto your bed. Consider the following four questions as you try each item on and before you place it back in your wardrobe.

1. Does the garment fit your physical dimensions for how you are now?

2. Does the item really suit you as a person, and where your life takes you day to day?

3. Do you wear the item often?

4. Do you really love the clothing item?

If no to any or all of the above move that clothing piece on. If yes to all of the above then it’s a keeper!

If possible try hanging the majority of your clothes, and in colour order, (light – dark) This helps avoid buying too much of the same colour – only so many red tops for example are necessary.

Hanging clothes in style order is the key to seeing exactly what you really own, and handy if you need to get dressed in a hurry. It also makes it easier to mix and match and pair up outfits as you can quite often discover even more options.

With that said, hang the clothes you reach for the most in easy access. This maybe tops and skirts next to each other. Evening attire for example may be placed in an area of your wardrobe you least go to. This will also have you utilising your garments more frequently.

Invest in good quality hangers. Throw wire hangers out as these are terrible for keeping your clothes in good condition. Plastic hangers are fine, however thin velour hangers are great if you have lots of clothes in a small space, and will stop your clothes from falling off. Wooden ones look great and are good if you have the room.




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