Over the past two fortnights we’ve talked about shoes and some of the aspects of owning a sensible shoe wardrobe. I’ve also covered several different shoe designs and the clothing styles that suit them.

But with a huge variety of shoes available, where is one to start? 

What are some of the style rules to apply when it comes to our footwear? 

Useful and appropriate shoe facts to keep in mind.

It’s important to consider the levels of refinement between your shoes and outfit so things flow appropriately and don’t jar. Heels, such as stilettos and pumps are more formal than flats like loafers, brogues and ballet flats. This will of course depend on the dress code for the situation. 

The thicker the sole of a shoe (a wedge) the more relaxed the shoes, hence, will ‘dress’ your entire outfit down. 

And the more your toes can be seen in your shoes, the less work/business appropriate they’ll be, i.e sandals and peep toes.

If you want to express your personality and draw attention to your shoes go for bright coloured shoes with creative, fun funky details – personality rules!

Here are some practical style rules to have you ‘stepping out’ with more confidence!


  1. If possible, invest in leather shoes as they last longer. You can have them resoled and/or re-heeled saving you money in the long-run. They’re a softer shoe and leather allows your feet to breathe. They can be polished easily and this keeps them in good condition for longer.


  1. A nude or skin coloured shoe is the best wardrobe investment you can own. They’ll match with anything and everything, elongate your legs and are slimming when worn with any knee length garment. 


  1. You can easily elongate your legs by matching the colour of your shoes to whatever they’re next to – hosiery, pants, skirts, dresses and of course skin as mentioned. 


  1. Wearing shoes to match your hair colour creates balance and colour harmony to your appearance. This way you don’t have to wear that colour anywhere else in your outfit. 


  1. A low vamp shoe exposes more of your feet, therefore, making you appear taller than you are.


  1. A t-bar strap style draws a vertical line down your foot helping to elongate your legs and ankles.


  1. Peep toe shoes are great for very short feet – seeing some of you toes visually elongates your feet and legs.


  1. Wear horizontal straps and details if you want or need to shorten your long legs.


  1. If you own lovely long legs you can wear a high vamp shoe with any hem length.


  1. Knee high boots are considered low vamp shoes, therefore, they will always elongate your legs.

As seen in http://www.weekenderherald.com.au/


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