Last post I covered the first part of ‘walking in style’ – in other words a love and weakness for shoes!

I also mentioned that shoes, like any other wardrobe accessory should suit you, your lifestyle and your clothing – the main keys to owning a ‘sensible’ shoe wardrobe.

”I actually have more shoes than anyone will ever know.” – Tamara Mellon

Here are more shoe styles from a long list when it comes to what we love putting on our feet…

Loafers and brogues, military, ankle, calf and knee length boots, peep toes, sandals, thongs, slides, mules, clogs, gladiators, espadrilles and Mary Janes to name a few more.

Last post covered what to wear with the stacked, wedge and kitten heel.

Let’s look closely at the ‘hottest’ shoe trend coming through for spring/summer 2019 – the mule shoe.

The mule is a closed toe shoe designed to slip on and off the foot with no back or constraint around the foot’s heel. Available in an array of flat and heeled styles the mule has a history going back as far as Ancient Rome. It was once only worn as a bedroom slipper and not out in public. 

Mules come in chunky and heavy styles – in this case you’ll want to consider the balance and scale between your hemline width, fabric weight and the shoe. 

Skinny and slim line trousers, dresses or skirts look better and more balanced with a sleek designed mule with a finer heel. And likewise, an overall chunky heavy mule looks great with wide trousers legs, skirts and dresses. This would also apply in some cases if you opt to go with white mules or other bright colours that advance and appear larger on the feet.

Keep in mind the vamp of this shoe is high, which means most of the foot is covered. A high vamp of any shoe can quickly shorten a person, but particularly if you’re petite (under 5’4 or 162cm) And if the heels are flat this can shorten further. Skin tone mules are a fabulous option for petites and hues that match the colour of your hemline.

The clog is also a closed toe shoe similar to the mule. The clog has a low back designed to hold the shoe on the foot loosely. These to are a high vamp shoe offering zero back support like the mule. However, a clog usually has a sole made on a platform whereas a mule has no platform. Clogs are generally heavier and chunkier than the mule due to their thick wooden platform. 

The slide, also known as a slide sandal is a backless, open-toed shoe that gets its name from being easy to slide on and off the foot. This shoe is more casual and has multiple or single straps that run across the center top part of the shoe making them a high vamp also. The strap(s)/vamp can be thick or thin, braided, woven, knotted or twisted. It covers a small or large part of the foot or the entire foot from the toe to the ankle.

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