For the past two fortnights, I covered some great tips on how to minimise and cover up the muffin top. For many women this happens to be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to getting clothes to fit well and nicely.

The fabulous options I discussed for this particular body variation were…

  1. Wearing great quality shape wear

  2. Consider long fitted camisoles as an alternative to shape wear

  3. Avoid low quality top in fabrics that are thin and cling

  4. High waisted pants are fabulous for covering the muffin top

  5. A med-high rise trouser with a wide flat elastic waistband

  6. Layering shirts with drape under a loose fitting structured blazer will hide a multitude

  7. Make sure your clothes skim well over your muffin top and are not too tight or loose


Here are two more easy and effective suggestions for ‘the muffin top cover up’.


Prints and patterns are a must have for this body challenge – they’ll also bring colour and fun to your outfits. Once again, it’s a great option for layering under a blazer. And as I’ve mentioned often, wearing dark under light has the most receding and slimming effect. Make sure the pattern is a small one with a dark negative space (background colour) Then when you remove your structured blazer/jacket you’re wearing something that easily hides your ‘muffin top’.

Don’t forget dresses – as they’re one long vertical line it makes it super easy to skim and ‘by pass’ your muffin top effectively. Dresses allow you to avoid the horizontal line at the waist, further taking any attention away from the muffin top. The choices are wide and varied, such as, the A-line, empire line, trapeze, fit-and-flare, maxi, circle, front and side ruching can work wonders, and all are even better in prints and patterns.


Spring Is Here…finally!

So what are we expecting for spring 2018? From what I’m seeing and reading it’s the emergence of exciting and unconventional trends – think colour, comfort and anything that looks and feels like fun!

Consider mixing not only multiple bright colours in one outfit, but also your prints and patterns to – creative and dramatic personalities will love this and beam with joy.

And for those that are slightly more subdued, think bright red ankle boots or heels with a neutral ensemble. Cropped wide leg trousers and jeans are back along with feminine full skirts. If super comfy footwear is required you’ll love the chunky polka dot sneaker trend along with platform styles.

And to complete your outfit, don an ‘on trend’ oddly shaped bag for a modern twist.

As seen in the Weekender Herald

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