Here are three more significant issues I see time and time again in my job as an image and style consultant.

1. Clothes that fail to project an accurate message of who you are when you put them on.

This in the end will be the most significant part of your shopping experience and success. How we see and feel about ourselves in our garments will determine how often we wear and utilise them. It also plays a huge part in our personal confidence and how happy we feel when we get dressed for the day.

Try to allow your wardrobe decisions and choices to reflect the present time and also follow you throughout the changes that occur in your life.

For example, one of my clients is a doctor, and therefore needs to look professional but not too profession – this allows her patients to feel comfortable in her care. When we shop together I focus strongly on her best neutrals and approachable colours from her colour palette, while choosing timeless and slightly conservative items that have a soft feminine appeal.

2. Ill-fitting garments is a common issue that I see during a wardrobe overhaul.

As I’ve said many times before, when our clothes fit us perfectly they look as though they’ve been tailor made for us and look more expensive. Our bodies change over the years with age, illness, diet, lifestyle, having a family, weight loss and gain, therefore, consistently fitting our clothes to reflect all of this is important. We’ll all feel better and more confident about ourselves if the clothes we’re wearing are right for our height, weight, proportions, shape and scale. Going too boxy and baggy is as ill-fitting as too small and tight not to mention uncomfortable.

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3. Too many pairs of unworn shoes and ones that don’t quite match the hemlines of garments.

If I got a dollar for every pair of shoes that have never been worn from my wardrobe overhauls – I’d be rich! Having 20 pairs of black shoes might be a little unnecessary. Having a few pairs to correctly match outfits and particularly hemlines is more effective, and this way they’ll be loved and utilised better.

A few rules for matching hemlines…

  • Match the hemline and shoe colour exactly for lengthening and to avoid a focal point at the feet.

  • Go darker than the garment colour to elongate and lengthen also.

  • Wear a nude shoe close to your skin colour with dresses and skirts.

  • A shoe that matches tights and the hemline looks best.

  • Coloured shoes look better when some ankle is shown.

  • Match shoe colour intensity to the hemline – brightness or softness.

  • Always wear a closed toe shoe for business.

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