Last post I shared how I was asked to be guest blogger for a new Adelaide website devoted to aging and the mature woman. It focuses on whether women feel invisible as they age and how their personal style reflects them at this point in their life. Here are some more of those questions….

1. Lizzy which part of your look do you like experimenting with?

As a colour consultant I have to say colour! It gets me so excited – I love to wear colours from my palette/swatch that I’ve not worn much of in the past – like mustard. I just love it and now own about six different items in mustard.

2. How does your upbringing reflect your style today?

I grew up in a very sporty family, and my passion was to be a fitness instructor or Phys Ed teacher from about grade 4. Inspired by my PE teacher I later become a fitness instructor, & therefore lived in a tracksuit until my late thirties. Now as an image consultant & stylist I have to ‘dress up’! My Mum loves gorgeous clothes & still dresses very well at nearly 80…I guess I’ve ‘caught up’, & her influence is finally being revealed in me.

3. Where do you like to shop?

No particular store, if a garment/accessory suits my colouring, physical dimensions, life & budget it’s mine!! Anything from Target to Country Road. I think nearly everywhere I look. The stores, magazines, TV, online, the streets & my daughter.

4. Where do you find fashion/style inspiration?

 I think nearly everywhere I look. The stores, magazines, TV, online, the streets & my daughter. 

5. Do clothes make you happy?

They do indeed, however, only if they suit on every level: colouring, physical dimensions, lifestyle, personality, budget & particularly if I really need something & know I’ve worked hard for it. My clothes not only have to work hard for me but each piece needs to earn it’s value place in my wardrobe.

6. Have you ever received really good style/fashion advice? What is it?

Yes, lot’s!! Mainly throughout my colour & image training with. I was a bit naïve as a fitness instructor as I lived in a track suit for a couple of decades. My modelling years taught me a lot also as I had to be well groomed for viewings, photo shoots & TV commercials. My modelling course & agent at the time gave me tones of advice too – I really needed it!!

7. What advice would you give to a friend who might be looking to reinvent themselves/get their style back?

This is what I do for a living, so of course they can come to me. And as I mentioned before the first step is a great fitting bra & then the correct application of colour.

I would advise a friend to be honest about their wardrobe goals and vision. To always have a list when shopping for clothes & to really love whatever they were purchasing – that way they’ll shine in it every time they wear it!!



















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