Last post I went through three of the six ‘elements of style’. I asked the following questions – what comes to mind when you think about your own style. Is it important, and if it came naturally or felt more like hard work.

The first three ‘elements of style’…

  1. Wear what suits your personality.
  2. Wear what suits you physically
  3. What you wear needs to be up-to-date 


There are many descriptions of what style actually means but put simply, ‘style is the way we express ourselves through what we wear’.

Let’s look at the last three of the six ‘elements of style’.

4. What you wear is of reasonable or good quality.

This ‘element of style’ is an easy one to neglect in today’s fast-fashion culture. We’re spoilt for choice at every price point and seem to be moving towards a more casualized attitude when it comes to what we wear. I’ve said many times before, if something fits you perfectly it looks more expensive and as though it were tailor-made for you. This will warm the hearts of those on a strict budget. I love and never tire of my $40 high waisted denim jeans! The ‘classic’ and ‘elegant chic’ personalities will relish in exquisite styles and fabrications. The price point for clothes is individual and may vary throughout a person’s wardrobe. Wearing what is of reasonable or good quality will make it easier when you apply my next ‘element of style’.

5. What you currently wear is appropriate for where you are in life.

Whether you’ve retired, are working, or a stay at home parent what you wear will have significance. The changes that life naturally brings can move us away or towards a particular style of dressing. I spent many years as a fitness instructor and stay at home mum – I dress very differently now as an image and style consultant compared to these other roles.

Let’s say you’re a busy stay at home mum and your garments need to be comfy, stretchy, versatile and of reasonable quality. Now think of three words that describe your hearts desire in terms of a style you want to dress in each day. They could for example be; effortless, modern and confident. Now, open your wardrobe and see if the majority of your clothes scream and reflect these words. This a great way to assess what clothes are lining up with where you truly are in life.

6. Your grooming is of a good standard to reflect the best you.

Your grooming is the practice of good personal hygiene. It’s also a marker of self-confidence and self-worth. Grooming is something we have to attend to each and every day and requires time and discipline. Our grooming says much about our self-care.

Personal grooming would include the following…

Showering regularly and smelling fresh and nice

Maintaining hair length, colour, cut and style

Brushed healthy teeth and fresh breath

Neat and well-maintained eyebrows

A neat trimmed beard and facial hair for men

Appropriate and well-applied makeup for women if wearing

Clean & neatly trimmed finger & toenails

The condition of your clothing is also a large part of grooming to avoid looking unkempt. Garments need to be free of holes, pilling, tears, creases, and discoloration.

As seen in the 


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