One of my favourite winter wardrobe pieces this year has been the puffer vest. It’s a relaxed on trend item, and although it’s been available for the last few winters, it’s now become a more significant wardrobe piece. They’ve had quite an old lady appeal in the past, hence been overlooked and given a bad rap in the winter apparel arena. Thank goodness style wise it’s come up a few notches this year!

I love mine, and when my 14 year old isn’t wearing it, l really live in it.

They’re the perfect third piece/outer layer when needing to rug up, and great if your not such a cold frog and wanting less layers to avoid overheating. Like mine they come in down and feathers for lots of extra warmth, or alternatively just in plain polyester or cotton.

They’re traditionally a casual sporty item and generally suit cargo’s, jeans and trackies. But if fashion has it’s way, and it usually does, forget excluding the puffer vest from your other wardrobe pieces.

Wearing the fabulous puffer vest.

  1. Make sure you choose one in a great colour that will have you looking radiant and not drained of colour.

  2. One in a neutral colour will be much more versatile and easy to mix and match with – so go for navy blue, black, brown, olive, cream, white, off white and camel.

  3. As we don’t notice neutrals as much as we notice colour, you could take a navy coloured puffer vest from your sports wardrobe to your weekend casual attire getting maximum usage.

  4. If you’re a curvy, busty or a large scale person, and dislike feeling bulky in your clothes opt for a thin puffer vest that has less of the marsh mellow look.

  5. Consider the length of your vest. If it’s too short it can look extra puffy – just below the hip bone is a good general rule of thumb.

  6. If you want to wear your puffer over a dress, choose one with a faux fur collar or hood, this way the levels of refinement are much better matched.

  7. As the puffer vest will no doubt add some bulk, make sure the design elements are mostly vertical for elongation through the upper body.

  8. Leaving the vest open creates one long vertical line and can lessen the amount of bulk particularly around the chest area of a large busted person.

  9. Use the puffer vest to create a column of colour and colour contrast with the inside items (tops and bottoms) for impact, and once again one long vertical line.

  10. If you’re worried about looking boxy, and have a waist or need to create one – a thin tailored, shaped or belted puffer will be a great choice.

  11. Wear fine merino wool tops and knits underneath for a less michelin man look whilst keeping toasty warm.

  12.  As you can see there’s a puffer vest look for everyone! So match to your personality – as you can see in the images from left to right we have classic, relaxed, elegant chic/feminine and creative.

  13. polyvore puffer vest   unnamed (2)

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