Every women loves a black dress, and most will have one hanging in their wardrobe! Fashion designer Karl Lagerfield says ”One is never over – or under dressed with a little black dress.” An LBD with it’s simple elegance and effortless charm, can mark the wearer as a women of great taste and confidence.

The style and design varieties are endless, so wear one to suit your personality whilst getting great value from it. If you’re warm colouring, as black is cool, then wear your black dress well away from your face with a low neckline to avoid unflattering shadows.

Consider different textures and fabrics that allow for some skin to be shown, such as mesh, lace or soft open knits. You could add a warm coloured bolero, pashmina, shawl or a striking necklace to reflect your warm colouring. Wear earrings or a necklace in your eye colour.

The other really great thing about the ‘little black dress’ is that less really is more due to it’s glamorous simplicity.





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