Loving the Lady Jacket trend right now, especially the iconic Chanel, Boucle, or Tweed styles.
They’re the essence of classic femininity, embodying a rich history spanning a century, all thanks to the genius of Coco Chanel.
These jackets offer endless options even in denim or cardi styles for a laid-back look. They come with or without pockets, collars, zips, buttons, and embellishments, in wool, wool blends, or cotton. Neckline choices include round, V, & square – plus patterns in plaid and stripes. There are even dress options available so take your pick!!
Here’s some important styling tips to look great in a Lady Jacket!!
1. especially lovely if you’re classic, & or feminine in your personality
2. if you’re petite or shorter in the legs as these babies are cropped
3. go collar free if you’re a little short through the neck area
4. if you’re small busted choose one with breast pockets for volume
5. if you’re full busted go breast pocket-free
6. they’re particularly fab for the ‘H’, ‘V’ & ‘A’ shapes
7. perfect for the naturally textured person (hair & skin)
8. do gold hardware if you’re warm & silver if you’re cool
9. we can all do rose gold : )
10. avoid horizontal pockets at the waist if you’re wider through the waist area
11. go for chucky fabric if you’re very lean & finer fabric if you’re more curvy
12. a 3/4 sleeve is also perfect for the petite as it gives the illusion of longer legs!!
13. Wear a Lady Jacket to harmonize with your hair colour – like my beautiful Shoba client in image 3 : )
See an abundance of Lady Jacket options here, amazing!!
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