Over the last couple of posts I’ve covered two of the common body shapes – the curvy ‘8’ and the ‘X’ silhouettes.
In this post I’m discussing the ‘ I ‘ shape – this would generally be the most slender of the seven shapes I work with. This silhouette is often referred to as ‘Rectangle’ but is in actual fact much narrower than the Rectangle which I refer to as the ‘H’ shape and will be cover next fortnight.
The ‘I’ shape is straight up and down, a super slim silhouette with little waist definition. The hips and shoulders of the ‘I’ are horizontally balanced and it’s typical among models as clothes hang very well off this shape. Many ‘I’s describe their shape as ‘boyish’.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman are all ‘I’ shapes…
The ‘I’ shape suits lots of layering, texture and stiffer tauter fabrics. If you happen to be an ‘I’ shape highlight your lovely slim thighs, hips and bottom in straight line designs. The main goal for the ‘I’ shape is to emphasis your middle with defined waistlines while creating the illusion of curves and a more womanly figure. Remember to enhance your bust-line if you need to with a padded or molded bra and various details on your upper body garments, for example, shirt pockets and horizontals.
Avoid clothing that is very shaped and overly tailored that would need more curves to fill it out, like the peplum. Anything over sized, boxy or styles that are too full aren’t great for the ‘I’ shape.
What to wear if you’re an ‘I’ shape?

1. Apply clothing detail such as ruffles, tiers, texture pockets, shirring, layering, gathers, wide collars and lapels, horizontal patterns and high necklines to enhance the bust and a lean decolletage.
2. Curved pattern designs with a higher contrast and large negative space work well – this is the large empty space between the pattern on a garment.
3. Highlight your slim hips, thighs and bottom in distressing and whiskering on jeans. Stiff fabrics also work well on the ‘I’ shape therefore, denim is perfect. Capri pants and cargo’s work wonders, as do diagonal and flap pockets, patch pockets and pleats.
4. Your jackets should emphasise your waist through single belted and double breasted styles. The trench coat, boyfriend and straight textured Chanel jackets are all winners for you.
5. Once again emphasis your waist wearing dresses that support this, such as wrap and belted dresses, shirt dress, princess seams, a-line, and bias cuts.



As seen in the http://www.weekenderherald.com.au/

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