The curvy and feminine ‘8’ shape is considered the ideal shape or silhouette! The ‘8’ shape is one of two version of the hourglass, however, there are distinct differences between this and the ‘X’ shape which I covered last fortnight.

With lovely horizontal balance between the shoulder and hip line, this shape always owns a very defined waist. As with all the body shapes the greater the gap between the rib cage and pelvis, the more likely they are to have a significantly defined waist. Beyonce, Ashley Graham and Nigella Lawson are examples of the ‘8’ shape silhouette.

The shoulders and hips of an ‘8’ can be of similar width but often the shoulder line is narrower but can slope down slightly also. In this case the ‘8’ shape woman needs to apply similar upper body principles of the ‘A’ shape. Unlike the ‘X’, the ‘8’s widest point is at the high hip/top bottom area and not the lower hip/upper thigh area. Weight is carried at the ‘high hip’ area of an ‘8’ and just under a very defined waist giving a ‘shelf’ like appearance – the classic ‘8’ shape marker. This is why an A-line or flared design is not as flattering on a ‘8’ as it is on a ‘X’ shape. Garments need to fall smoothly over the hips and go straight down or tapper in, this will hide the fact that the high hip is much wider than the defined waist.

What garments suits the ‘8’ silhouette?

Clothes with waist definition always suit the ‘8’ shape best, and straight through the lower half, therefore, not flared or A-line. ‘8’ shapes will find that anything boxy or square and without waist shaping tend to be too tight across their high hip area.


*Straight to mild boot cut jeans and pants are best for the ‘8’.

*Peplum tops were made for ‘8’ shape.

*Peplum style jackets are especially great for the ‘8’ as it falls beautifully over the high hip.

*Wrap dresses are especially good with a straight or tapered skirt.

*Pencil skirts were made for the ‘8’ shape.

*Garments that ‘cinch in’ at the waist to reveal your best asset like trench coats.

As seen in the Weekender Herald newspaper

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