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One of the most common issues I discover when overhauling a clients wardrobe, sadly are many random and orphan pieces that have no purpose. I see and hear the list of reasons why so many unworn and unused wardrobe items are bought and remain in closets – we can all relate to a few of these!

1. It was on huge sale, or half price.

2. It looked great on the rack!

3. It was ‘really in’ at the time.

4. I love the look – I just hate it on me.

5. I thought the colour was right, but when l got it home realised it wasn’t.

6. I wanted to try something really different, but unfortunately it’s not really me after all.

7. I thought it would go with my others bits and pieces, but l think it all looks wrong.

8. I had to buy something for a special event, and this was the best thing I could find the day/week before.

These are all great reasons to collect a fabulous, cohesive and versatile bunch of clothing items. It’s amazing the magic you can create with a little planning and patience. And the great thing is, you don’t need lots of clothes to have many wonderful outfits choices! In fact, just 10-12 clothing pieces and a whole bunch of accessories will do it – just like in my summer capsule image below.

Rather than buying more clothes, find the ones you already love and own. It may be a favourite blazer, cardi, jeans or dress.

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It’s easier to build a capsule around 1 or 2 neutrals (e.g off white and, or navy) and 1 main colour (e.g orange) As we don’t notice neutrals as much as we notice colour, these items will be the versatile pieces you can wear over and over with the entire capsule. It also makes it easier to start with an upper body garment in the neutral that you choose. This could be a light summer blazer, cardi or pashmina.

It’s important to really reflect the person you are through all your capsule wardrobe pieces and outfits. Before you go through your wardrobe or out to do more shopping, think of five or six words that best describe yourself.

It may be that you are…

Feminine, friendly, warm, approachable, fun and easygoing.

These words reflect the capsule image below, and would suit and very feminine/relaxed personality.

Then bring these clothing and accessory pieces together that repeat the words you feel best describe you. When we do this, we feel we’re more ourself and confident in our outfits. You’ll find yourself wearing them over and over, and less likely to tire of them quickly because the combination choices are just about endless!




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